Sunday, May 30, 2010


I've made it to the 35/35 mark.

I am 35 weeks pregnant with 35 days left!!!

It sounds crazy, doesn't it? How is it possible that it is so close to happening?

I'm still feeling okay though each day becomes a bit more uncomfortable. I'm still appearing fairly small though I am measuring right where I should be according to the doctors. They are predicting a healthy seven or eight pound baby. I have another appointment next week and I believe the exam will be more "personal." So, I should have a better idea of how things are or aren't progressing at that time.

In the meantime, I'm so thankful for this amazing gift and ready for this gift to be OUTSIDE of me! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tough Year

I can easily say that this year was the toughest year I have had with a group of students. Had I known how easy my first year class was at the time, I would have treasured it more. I worked really hard this year trying to dig as deep as possibile into the lives of these little ones and get them on a better track. I only have two hours left with them this year and part of me feels successful and part of me doesn't. There is one tough cookie that I don't feel I made much progress with but there is another who has come a long way.

The other day we were walking around the track at our school and she told me that the third graders were unlucky because they couldn't have me as a teacher next year. I told her not to worry and that I was sure that the new teacher would be great. She told me I was the only teacher who "got" her. Holding in all my frustrations with her throughout the year somehow paid off. She really appreciates our relationship and it was good to hear. Nevermind the fact that an hour later she was screaming at me and telling me I was so mean. That's just her! In this situation it was two steps forward and only one step back.

I tried really hard this year to give a lot of attention to the kiddos who were always good. I am fully aware that "the good kids" often get much less attention and I hate that. There is a little girl in my class who is absolutely amazing. She wrote me a poem and gave it to me today. So sweet. I'll type it just as she wrote it.

My Dear Teacher

There is a nice teacher in fourth grade
who always comes to her students' aid.
Even though they aren't perfect
and sometimes forget Cause and Effect
her goodness makes all this fade.

There will be a new mom soon
somewhere around July or June.
Her baby boy will be with glee
I guarantee
because his mom is prettier than the full moon.

There is a youngl lady with galore
for she never lets anyone's sadness and anger downpour.
The thing that does this may be her joke,
maybe it's her Coke
Anyway, her love lets any student soar.

How, you may ask, can this all be one person, one mind?
Mrs. Clark is one of a kind!

Thank you Mrs. Clark
From your greatful student,

So sweet! I will definitely miss teaching next year but am so lucky to be able to stay home with my baby boy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Horses and Rock Stars

Every weekend I say I am going to take it easy and every weekend I push it pretty far. We went to the Arlington Race Track a couple weekends ago with friends and had a great time. It was cool outside but it didn't rain at all. We were also playing around with our new (to us) zoom lens. It worked out great!
Meredith and Kyle are great company no matter where we are! And Bryan told me to do the TV trick and try to hide my belly with the popcorn...just for fun.
It still kinda hides itself with loose clothes.
This past weekend we had our Prepared Childbirth Marathon Weekend. It was really helpful but a little scary too. It will be here before we know it. On Sunday, after class, we went to the city to see Bryan's "cousins" in their band The Dollyrots. We met up with them while they were unloading their trailor. They got set up, did a quick sound check, and we went to pick up dinner. Kelly is the lead singer and wasn't feeling well so we came back to their dressing room to hang out before the show. It was fun to finally meet them and spend some time together. This is us before the show in their dressing room.
I got pretty tired from standing around in a small venue with no air conditioning so thank goodness we had VIP passes. We got to stand on the side of the stage and watch from there. I stood right in front of the giant fan. We watched their show and then headed home. This was a quick shot of their sign as we were leaving.
Next weekend Bryan's parents will be here and school will be OUT!!!! Wahooooo!

Monday, May 10, 2010

8 Weeks Left

Dear Jackson,

Your daddy and I woke up on Sunday, Mother's Day, and realized there are just 8 short weeks until you are scheduled to arrive. We couldn't be more excited. We are so ready to meet you. Daddy is doing his best to make sure you stay safe by making sure I take it easy. He doesn't like it when I work too hard. I still usually cook dinner but he always cleans up while I relax a bit on the couch. He wants what's best for you already. He loves us both a lot and we are so lucky to have him.

Your growing body is a lot to be thankful for but, if you'll allow mommy to be honest, it's a little painful too. And, you still have a lot of growing to do. Your movements have slowed down a little as you are running out of room in there. I spend a lot of time during the day pushing your little elbows, knees, and bottom back in a little bit. You slowly push them out and I genltly push you back. You get the hiccups a lot too and boy are they fast. I enjoy them though because it reminds me that everything is okay in there.

I am doing my best to stay well rested for you but it has been a little hard to sleep lately. We get up several times a night to go to the bathroom or to relieve a really bad cramp in my feet or calves. I jump out of bed very quickly and daddy doesn't even wake up. We'll have to make sure we turn your baby monitor up really loudly so it wakes up daddy. He'll sleep through anything, including an earthquake.

We are going to class in a couple weeks to learn about our visit in the hospital when we get to finally meet you. I am really excited for it but your daddy is a little scared. He will do very well though, I'm sure.

You are doing a great job in there and are growing like crazy. Keep it up but be nice to momma! We've got another eight weeks with these living conditions.

Here is a picture of us together on Mother's Day.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

Nursery Organization

While we wait for our Firecracker to arrive, I am attempting to get some things organized in Jackson's room. I am hoping that the more time I spend now, the easier less crazy it will be when he is born.
Because of all the little bathroom supplies, I decided to use bins in the bathroom. I had fun with cool papers and contact paper to make them interesting. Maybe I will put things back where they belong just to see my handiwork....but probably not.
I also hung some art pictures from my friend Julie. These are right above his changing table so he has something to look at while I am changing him. I just used Command velcro so I can change the pictures.
Right now I am using the bottom shelf of his changing table to hold books. He has a lot of books already. I can't wait until he is born so we can start reading them to him. I always thought I would read to him in the womb too but it just feels weird. I don't know. I'll just wait and read to him when he is here. Hopefully I won't ruin his chances at Harvard by not starting the reading already. :)
We still have some supplies that we need to get before he gets here. Little by little we are getting ready!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet the Doctor

He looks nice enough! He is a pretty goofy guy but I think he will be Jackson's pediatrician. We went to a Meet the Doctor night at Kids First Pediatrics tonight. There were four expecting couples. We walked in at the last minute as Bryan had to leave early to try to make it in time. I hate being late so I was stressed but we were there at 7:03 for a 7:00 start. I guess it's pretty good considering he was still in the city at 5:45. Sidenote- It's sad that traveling for an hour and fifteen minutes could be seen as a good commute. Oh well, moving on.

We noticed tonight that we are fairly trusting of our doctors. We didn't really have any questions at the time. I think he knows that first time parents aren't sure what to ask. It was clear though that Bryan and I aren't passionate about the lastest controversial topics with parenting. Dr. Kovar made it very clear that they favor vaccines. I hadn't really thought about it too much. To me, there was never any doubt that Jackson would get vaccinated for all necessary diseases. I never questioned circumcision either. It's interesting to see what gets different parents fired up.

Dr. Kovar gave us three tips of advice before we left.
1. Ask for formula samples. They have a lot that they give away.
2. (For the dads) Never wake up and say "That was a good night." Make sure the mom says it first and then you can agree.
3. (Also for the dads) Never say "You get up with the baby tonight because I have to work tomorrow." He said he made this mistake and immediately regretted it.

It was good to have another baby task crossed off the list. I see no reason to look further!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There's only one way to describe this last weekend. WEIRD! Starting on Thursday, it was just a mix of really bad times and good times and those just plain in-between times.

It started on Thursday with Bryan's migraine. When you come home to a bathroom looking like this, you know he had to have been really miserable. Apparently he was just throwing stuff out of the shower in an attempt to adjust the shower head for maximum pressure on his head. Poor guy. Then, I guess he stepped over this mess to throw on what I called his "sunshine outfit" and DROVE HIMSELF to the hospital. Thank God he and the others on the road that day are all safe.

He worked from home on Friday and I taught all day. When I got home, I assembled the stroller. It was really fun but I made Bryan sad by doing it myself. Apparently he wanted to help. Ooops.
Saturday Bryan was feeling better and we did some running around. We stopped in at Home Depot on the off chance that their stock of garden beds were replenished. THEY WERE!!! So we bought one and Bryan put it together for me!
Later Claire played in the yard for a little bit and got muddy. Luckily she sits patiently while Bryan washes off her paws.
On Sunday, Bryan woke up with another migraine so our morning started a little slow. Bryan rested most of the day and I did some gardening. I had to buy eight 40 pound bags of soil. Bryan helped me get it in the bed and then I planted the vegetables. There are tomatoes, broccoli, green peppers, and jalapenos. I still need to get some herbs for the front corner.
And...this picture is not from teh weekend but it is just too darn cute. I'm glad they love each other so much.
Next weekend will be better, I'm sure!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I tried!

I tried to update with pictures but Blogger isn't letting me. Expect a post soon that involves furry animals, migraines, strollers, and gardens.