Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Super Spartan - A Guest Post from Bryan!

Even though the blog says it is published by "Bryan and Leslie Clark," we all know Leslie is really the one behind it.  But not this time -- I'm taking over to tell you all about the Chicago Super Spartan 2014, which I ran last Saturday in Marseilles, Illinois.  I had a great time running with Team Chicago Spartan and meeting some new people.  The course was 7.8 miles, with 24 obstacles.  My official time was 3:02:14.  Here's what I looked like afterward:

If you want to see what the course was like (and think I was awesome at tackling the obstacles), you can check out this video:


But nobody is perfect.  So here are some, uh, less flattering moments on the course:


Already looking forward to my next Spartan Race.  But first -- the New York City Marathon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh, Hey!

Man, oh man. I think that was the longest blog break yet! School started and things got nuts.  I promised myself I would post tonight and not let more time slip by.

I'm not sure how long it's been so we'll go way back.  I started school again in the middle of August.  It's been a much easier transition back than last time.
It has been the season for birthdays.  Between August 9 and Sept 27 there has only been two weekends with no birthday parties.  Two weekends even had two parties.  The kids are having a blast and think every weekend involves cake and piƱatas.
I did the ice bucket challenge and then we dumped water on the kids last.
Mimi came and stayed with us over Labor Day.  The kids always love having another audience member.  Charley started her first round of sickness this year.

Naperville always has this giant carnival called The Last Fling.  The kids found the Legos right away and enjoyed going to all the different expo booths.  Jackson's favorite was "breaking" aboard with a punch at the Karate booth.
School has been really busy but the kids enjoyed being with me for one of the late nights.  They were so well behaved for the ice cream social and got lots of compliments.
Charley is still making slow and steady progress with her speech and physical therapy.  I'm pretty bummed that her speech hasn't taken off more with her tubes.  She's really hesitant to do much at her therapy sessions which is really frustrating for everyone.

Jackson on the other hand- he's really taken on a new love for writing and spelling.  He's so good at it and gets lots of compliments from his pre-k teachers.
We just finished a pretty rotten weekend with Charley having Strep throat.  Hopefully we can all stay healthy for a while.