Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jackson's First Photo Shoot

Here are the pictures from our ultrasound on February 9th. Unfortunately the printer was broken that day which made the line down the left side of each picture. Bummer!

Here is his foot.
Profile Picture (You can see the umbilical cord right up by his nose.)
The top picture is proof that HE is indeed a he. Pretend like he is sitting with his legs apart on a glass plate and you are looking up at him. The bottom white part is his leg and the next part that angles out are his boy parts. You can't see his other leg. I'll admit. It's hard to see.
The second picture is another profile picture and the bottom one is his heartbeat.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

33 Gold Medal Thoughts

Because there are a ton of pictures here, I am going to keep the text short. Below are some thoughts from Vancouver.

1. Our condo from Vacation Rental By Owner remains the best decision (thank you Jeremy) we made. It was two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a great view.
2. The city of Vancouver was definitely ready for this. This is in the middle of the city. There was ice skating available and a zip line if you wanted to wait for five hours for a fifteen second ride.
3. Jeremy, Bryan and I look great on the podium.

4. The company was great.
5. The people of Canada might be the nicest people ever.
6. Except for the protesters. They were mad and decided riots were the best expression of their feelings.
7. The paint seems bad until you see the broken glass that was very common among store fronts.
8. Canadian "Walk" signals are just a litte different. Even those guys seem happier.
9. We love our new camera.
10. Bryan is my best friend and a great travel agent.

11. The Olympic cauldron is really cool.
12. Don't let rain get on the lens of your camera or a wonderful picture is ruined by a spot. Do you see it?
13. Creativity is sparked on a bus ride.
14. We had no idea how cold and wet we would be in just a few short hours but were thrilled to be present for Women's Moguls.

15. The Olympics are a great symbol of peace.16. There was just enough snow for the moguls course. There was exposed dirt on either side.
17. Our last camera would never have caught this shot.
18. ....and especially this one (about a third of a second later).
19. I wish I was an Olympic mogulist.
20. Bryan and Jeremy were cheering on gold medalist Hannah Kearney.
21. The Czech fans are really stylish. Look at those boots.
22. I really just stopped to take a picture of this so I could catch my breath during our hike up Whistler.
23. Carving a totem pole with this small tool would take for. ev. er.

24. I love our new camera. "Ready, set, ....
25. "Go...."
26. If you have to take Tylenol with no water available, eating an apple is a great way to get the taste out of your mouth.

27. Cheering for Team USA biathlete Tim Burke didn't make the biathlon any more entertaining... for me anyway.
28. Ponchos make every girl look a lot better. Or not.

29. There is not a good place to stand to watch the biathlon. It's kinda hard to see a target the size of a golf ball when standing on this hill
30. The Sea to Sky Highway is beautiful.
31. Vancouver is a very clean city.
32. The flight to Seattle is really long. However, the mountains along the way are fun to look at.
33. Bryan and I were pleased to get a great trip like this in before Jackson arrives. Something tells us there won't be these whirlwind trips out of the country as often.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Boy

Dear Jackson,
Hi baby! It's your momma. Today we saw you for the very first time and absolutely fell in love. You are perfect. We saw your little hands and feet and you were moving around quite a bit. Your daddy had a huge smile on his face the whole time but it got even bigger when he found out about you, his son.

We are so excited to add you to our family. I have dreamed of you and the day that you will be born since I was old enough to know I could be a mommy. I can't imagine how happy I will be when I can hold you in my arms. You are very wanted and very loved. Your grandparents are going to spoil you rotten. You have an amazing daddy who will do anything for you. He is going to show you how a man should act and he will always treat us well! You should see the way he takes care of Claire and Lily now. They are the furry creatures that live here with us. They don't know you're coming but will be so excited when you arrive.

While we wait for you, keep growing and getting stronger. Until I can hold you in my arms, I will do my best to keep you safe in my tummy. When the weather gets warmer, we will be ready for you. Until then, know that mommy and daddy love you like crazy.

Love, Mommy

A Great Weekend

We had another great weekend. On Friday night we went out for a nice dinner at Carnivale, a pan latin restaurant. After dinner we met up with our friend John who lives in Lincoln, NE but was in town for business. It was a great time to visit.

Saturday morning we relaxed with these critters.

And Saturday night we hung out with these. We had dinner and then played games at our house. This is a game called Rock Band that I got Bryan for Christmas. It allows three people to play together on guitar, drums, and vocals. So fun.
These are the band members.


Sunday morning I got up and started baking...and baking...and decorating...and decorating.

And I made this.

This is the inside. I learned that I should make the bottom layers thicker than the top next time since the weight of the cake smashes the bottom layers. Oh well! Live and learn.

Along with awesome food and company, we did a little betting on the game. Don't worry. All of the money was donated by the winners to our Vancouver trip.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Sure Sign........

...that it's been way too long since you cleaned out your pantry!