Friday, August 22, 2014

Meet Jeremy!

I have been following Kelly's Korner blog for several years and have seen many of these Singles Days come and go.  Each time I had an urge to write about our friend Jeremy and each time I didn't.  I finally decided this was the year!  So far EIGHT couples have gotten married from her link up parties!  So, without further ado...

Meet Jeremy!

Jeremy is 32 years old and lives in NYC.  He is originally from Ohio and he went Otterbein College.  He has his own Public Relations company and is a co-owner of a restaurant in NYC.
 My husband and Jeremy have known each other since Junior High!  Jeremy's father was the pastor at the church.  He is very close with his family and is a great friend.  The below picture is Jeremy running the Chicago Marathon with Bryan in 2012.  He's a natural athlete.
 My kids call him Uncle Jeremy and they are so excited when they get to see him.  He's a natural with kids.  He offers help, plays so well with them, and doesn't want to run away after spending a weekend with our kids. :)
 Please email me at if you would like to be in contact with Jeremy!  Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment to let me know you came!  Good luck, everyone!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kansas City Trip

Two weekends ago I decided to brave a solo trip with the kids to KC.  Bryan needed to stay and work and I didn't want to miss the opportunity before school started back up.  We left Thursday evening and headed West!

We stopped in Springfield for dinner and since Bryan wasn't there, I decided on Long John Silvers for dinner.  I told Jackson it was a special pirate restaurant.  He loved it!  I changed the kids into pajamas and we drive all the way to KC.

Friday morning we got up and met Grandpa, Robin, and Cole for breakfast and then did some shopping.  The kids were tired and therefore pretty naughty for my visit with my friend Julie that evening.

Saturday we went to Worlds of Fun.  My dad and I got to ride a couple roller coasters and my mom and the kids enjoyed the rides in Planet Snoopy.
Jackson's favorite part was Dinosaurs Alive.  It put the traveling exhibit that was at our zoo to shame.  It was great and JJ learned so much.
Charley slept through the whole dinosaur walk.
Saturday night we went to our friends' house and the kids LOVED playing in the dirt with their friends.
Sunday morning we woke up to a rainstorm!  The radar looked like it would move out by mid morning so we headed to the donut shop! So, so good!
The girl loves her donuts.
The weather didn't cooperate until around 1:00 but when it did, it was perfect.  Everyone else had moved on with other plans which left Oceans of Fun  with no crowds at all!!

The kids had a blast!  Jackson loved the wave pool and the lazy river.  He just paddled and paddled all over and was grinning from ear to ear the whole time.  Charley liked splashing too and was happy to go wherever we took her.  Jackson even went on a couple water slides in the kids part. 
We were there for 4 hours and then we HAD to go.  The kids were completely exhausted.  I woke her up somewhat panicking because she was SO unresponsive.  She was up with a few good shakes.
Monday was our trip back and the beginning of the recovery.  We were so, so tired after our awesome trip!! We'll see you in a couple months, Kansas City!