Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jackson and Charley's Christmas Lists

I always have a hard time keeping up with the kids' lists and who was getting what so I decided to put it all here.  99% of the people who will see this are family so just comment on what you are getting so there are no duplicates.  Or you can still just tell me if you are worried about duplicates.  The clothes and pajamas for both kids are mostly just for size.  Click on the links below to direct you to them or you can get them at the store.
 1.  Charley wears 2T pajamas.  Long sleeve and pants are usually best as her room can get cold, even in the summer!
2.  Hooded towels in the toddler size, not infant size.
3. We need some wooden step stools in the bathroom for teeth brushing.
4.  Leap Frog Tea Party Set
5.  She will be wearing 2T soon!  Tops I usually just get 2T.  She can still wear 24months in pants.
6.  She'll be in size 5 shoes soon!
7.  We are always looking for bath toys with no squirt options because they moldy fast!
1.  Jackson already has Toy Story but he would like other Disney DVDs or Blu Rays.
2.  He wears 4T pajamas.
3.  This is the new version of Lite Brite!
4.  JJ is loving all things Play Doh.
5.  We saw this fire truck at Target and he loved it!
6. These Lego Duplo kits can go with sets he already has.
7.  Jackson needs a wooden step stool too!
9.  Jackson is wearing 4T clothes.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sonny Acres - Year 5

A few weeks ago we took our annual trip to Sonny Acres.  We're Fall Fanatics, I think.  We got to every fall festival there is.  There's just something about the roasted corn atmosphere there that we love.  And babies look cuter when surrounded by pumpkins.
 Jackson was having a great time trying to pick up all the pumpkins.  He was acting like a total boy here trying to show how strong he was.
 One of the things we love about Sonny Acres are thee rides.  This picture captures the experience pretty well.  Jackson was ecstatic and Charley was, well, unsure of it all.
 This is another tradition must for our family!  Our "How Tall This Fall" photo.  We always go in the afternoon and it's in the same place every year.  It's in the worst possible spot for photos.  Back lit like crazy and right in front of giant cardboard bins full of pumpkins that people are looking through.  It's a mess but we have to do it!
 Jackson had so much fun running around and playing with his daddy.  Bryan had a lot of fun too until he hit his back on a tunnel that was lower than he thought.  It was sore for days!
 The petting zoo was a bust this year.  Charley didn't care for the goats in her face and Jackson was being a punk.  He was mad that the goats were eating the food out of his cup but he was too stubborn to let us hold the cup.  So he made his point by dumping all his food on the ground in an angry, dramatic display of power.  You win, kid.
 But sometimes he's really sweet and cute so I think we'll keep him around.
I'm already excited to see Charley running around here next year having the time of her life too!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Caroline Jane~ Sixteen Months

The months are flying by!  I have to (and hate to) admit that these posts are a little harder to do now that I am not with the kids 24/7.  Her teachers are great about keeping me in the loop though.  We are so ready for Thanksgiving break!  Just a few weeks.
Caroline Jane, at sixteen months you:
  • are just starting to pull on things to a stand. You are just so wobbly and won't take a risk at all.  You are pretty content right where you are.
  • can walk holding on to Mommy and Daddy's fingers.  You don't like to walk with just one finger though. It's still a bit unstable for you.
  • love, love, love using a fork.  And you are really good at it.  You cry in your high chair sometimes and Mommy used to think you were done.  Then you just cried more.  Once Mommy realized you just wanted a fork, you were a happy girl!
  • are sleeping much better again.  You usually sleep all night.  You are taking a 1.5 to 2 hour nap at day care. 
  • are spending more and more time in the Toddler room at school.  One day Mommy picked you up from that room at snack time and you were sitting on a little chair at the table.  You looked like such a big girl.
  • love dogs.  Especially Claire.  If you are really upset, we can call Claire over and she makes you laugh every time.
  • love Jackson.  He loves to play games with you and tickle you.  You think he is the best person on earth.
  • take a lot of medicine.  You take Zyrtec every night for your allergies as well as a Nasonex, a nasal spray.  You also take one nebulizer treatment of Pulmicort each night. Mommy is hoping it keeps your lungs healthy so you don't get sick as often.
  • are not making much progress with your speech but you keep signing new things and show us all the time that you understand what we are saying.  You follow directions so well.  Almost all of your words are some form of "Ba" except or "Mama."    You can sign more, milk, please, thank you, and all done.
  • get so many compliments on how long your hair is getting.  It is really long but it gets tangled really easily.  You always wake up with a huge knot in the back of it from rolling all over your bed at night.  Mommy usually puts in in a ponytail or two piggies.  When Mommy puts a bow in your hair you usually pull it out in the car.  And your shoes and socks.  All of those things are thrown all over the car.
  • make Mommy and Daddy so, so happy.