Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bryan's Birthday

I know Charley's birthday happened first but all of those pictures are on my good camera and I've been too busy to do anything with them yet.  With Blogger on my phone, it's easy to post with phone pictures so things may be out of order.

Bryan's birthday was Thursday.  I got a text from him first thing that morning asking me to drive to the train station to pay for his spot since his parking card was empty, he had no cash, and the ATM was broken. I loaded up the kids and we turned it into a donut trip.

The kids were in heaven.  Jackson has some new food rules that "the doctor told him he had to follow" at his 3year check up.  He has to eat his whole meal before he can have snacks or treats. I was shocked when he ate an egg wrap before he ate the donuts.  The "rules" are working!!!

We shopped at the outlet mall on Thursday and then went to watch Bryan play softball that night.  The kids had a great time playing in the dirt with their friends and Bryan had a great time playing softball.  We didn't get home until 9:00 and the kids needed baths. Charley went straight to bed after her bath but JJ got a special treat.  A really late bedtime and ice cream cake!
He's singing along to "Happy Birthday" now and it's the cutest thing ever.  

He mostly ate the blue "ice" (icing) and he really thought he was special! He went to bed fairly easily after I scrubbed his teeth and then Bryan opened presents.  He got several new shirts that look great on him!  

I feel bad that I couldn't pull off a big 30th party for him.  The poor guy's birthday is sandwiched between the kids' so I'm afraid he'll rarely get the celebration he deserves.

We love you!  Happy birthday!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kids Town Selfies

Our play group met at Kids' Town yesterday and we had a great time.  There was a groupon for it so we get to go again for cheap!  JJ had a great time and Charley went along for the ride.
While JJ was playing I was really working with Charley on crawling.  She is SO DANG CLOSE!  Just crawl already sweet girl.  Move your legs!

JJ was busy playing with the animals and lining them up.  It's his usual type of play.
The place is one big room separated onto little rooms with themes.  There is a big tunnel/slide structure and a great place for babies to play.

We had a snack break and JJ stole my phone and captured some great selfies!
He definitely loves the camera now!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Splash Splash!

The weather is finally warmer and it's feeling like summer!  Jackson has been having a blast with his water table and pool.  He mostly likes to use cups and throw the water everywhere.  Whatever keeps him outside is what I love.  Also, iPhone cameras are so good!
This morning we had our big play date at a splash park.  It was a little chilly but the kids had a blast.  Except for Charley because she didn't have a nap.  
The splash park is great for us now because  Jackson can't be trusted at a pool yet. Good thing it's close and FREE!  I'm sure there will be many more trips there this summer.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Sickies and Father's Day

Can we please be done with the sickies???  Charley had a really rough couple days but she seems to be feeling a little better.  Bed time is still rough and takes a few attempts but she'll sleep through once we finally get her down.  She was just so, so miserable.  Look at that face.😷😔
Now Jackson is starting to cough.  It doesn't seem to bother him though.  Yesterday for Fathers Day we attempted at Cane County Cougars game.  We only made it 3 innings and Jackson was begging to leave.  We always try it, hoping he'll love it, but usually we're bummed because it doesn't work.  I think  after yesterday, Bryan was convinced he would never get to go to a game with Jackson.  I'm wondering if Jackson didn't feel good though.  If he feels anything like his sister, he probably felt terrible and didn't know how to tell us.

We had to snap a quick picture at bedtime before Fathers Day passed us by.
These kids live their Daddy! Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today is Different

This week for our family has been pretty rough.  Bryan has worked a TON and has had a big migraine, we spent $1,000 on a new water heater, my back has been killing me, and now Charley is sick.
Poor girl has a fever and a terrible cough.  She is always so happy but today she just cries and moans.  I just hate feeling so helpless.  And tired.  She does not want to sleep away from Mommy!

Meanwhile, Jackson is taking full advantage of mom's attention being directed elsewhere.  He is obsessed with DVDs and its not really about watching them.  He likes to stack them, sort them, line them up, etc.  I got the basket down and had to go rock Charley.  When I came back downstairs, this is what I found!
What a silly kid.  Hopefully we'll be on the mend soon!  We have a busy week next week with Charley's first birthday and Meredith and Kyle's wedding.  

We're headed to the doctor soon to see what she thinks.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Way Behind!

I can't keep up these days!  The kids keep me really busy, the grass seems to always need mowing, the house is a mess, and my to-do list is a thousand miles long.  I'm still unemployed for the fall and I'm coming to terms with being home another year.  And actually, Jackson is developing quite the sense of humor and is much more enjoyable (except when he's not) these days.
We went to a splash park today with a couple friends.  I was hoping this trip would go better than last year.  I didn't lock the kids in the car like I did last year but he still didn't enjoy the place.  I don't get it!  What kid doesn't like a splash park?
Charley loved it.  This sweet girl loves just about everything!  

I just uploaded a new blogging app to my phone so hopefully that will aid in more frequent blogging.