Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Wow! What a busy and wonderful time of year.  This is the first year that I feel like the kids are really understanding the Christmas season.  It is so fun to do things for them that builds that Christmas spirit.

And this little guy is kind of enjoyable sometimes now.  Three was rough for all of us but being four years old has brought some much needed maturity. Thank goodness.  This day we had a Jackson and Mommy date for ice cream.
Our Thanksgiving was spent in Texas. We flew Wednesday after work and it was great! The kids loved it and it seemed so easy compared to our other experiences flying with them.  Such a relief!
We all had a blast in Texas.  It was so warm and wonderful to be with family! 

The only thing that didn't go as well was sleeping.  But the didn't make that Go the F to Sleep book for no reason.  Sometimes they don't sleep at our house either.  It made for some tired kids on the way back but again, it was totally manageable!  Jackson fell asleep in the stroller and Charley was so confused.  "Buddy sleeping?" she asked. 
This week we are all trying to get back on a schedule. The kids were happy to go to our Wednesday night dinner of Civi's Pizza.  We go every Wednesday.  The kids love it but I am so done.
Hopefully they'll find a new favorite soon.
The best part of the week has been having fun with Andy, our Elf.  I put the kids to bed tonight and then "Andy" made pancakes and put out decorations for the kids to put on their pancakes in the morning. It's just two short school weeks until Christmas!!!!