Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I had no intentions of a blog break.  July 12th?  I was so happy to have recorded our camping trip on the way home and then I just stopped.  Whoops.  Clearly we've been busy the last 6 weeks!
I kept the kids with me all summer and we had a great time.  This was a fun morning after my Bar Method class.  The kids loved the different cars.
Mid July we headed to Nebraska for a weekend at John and Ella's lake house.  The kids have improved so much with swimming lessons and we all had a blast.
After the lake we drove to Kansas City. We were able to stay for a whole week and were able to see a lot of family and friends.  We went to Diana Rose, a Royals game and Oceans of Fun!

After we left KC we had one more stop in Columbia for Mikes graduation.  He has worked so hard and my mom is so proud of him.

Vacation was great but it was back to reality as soon as we got home.  Charley had her tonsils out and the next week was rough!
Luckily she was pretty much healed she. Nana arrived to watch the kids.  We were able to sneak away to Lake Tahoe for a wedding.
Now that we're back to school things are pretty normal again.  We're rushing all over do this activity and that.  Bryan is still keeping busy with obstacle races.
Jackson has been in Kindergarten for two weeks and loves it!  He loves doing homework...for now.
It's been a great 6 weeks but we're happy to be back in a routine!