Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dupage Children's Museum

We have a really cool children's museum right in Naperville and we were able to check it out on Tuesday morning. It was awesome!  We got there right when it opened which was perfect because it wasn't crowded at all until the very end.

What kid wouldn't love this?

Silly boy in his smock.

Fun with the camera in the bubble area.

That Addison behind the bubble.  Jackson didn't want to touch the water in the big water table at first.  Then we came here and he was splashing like the soapy water.

Sheer joy.

More fun with the camera.

The three babies who are all grown up.  *tear*

I LOVE this picture.  He's so serious.

He loved playing on the stairs which were not part of the designated exploration areas.  Oh well.  He liked it so I let him.  He only had one shoe for a majority of the morning.  It fell off shortly after we arrived and he couldn't be bothered to stop and put it on again.

In the big wind tunnel.

Look at that adorable 79% head!

Jackson liked to throw all the balls out of the ball pit.  Renee was nice enough to put them all back in for him and luckily he lost interest quickly.

This sticks were for building but Jackson turned it into his music adventure by using them as drumsticks and banging them on the table and innocent passers-by!  Oops.

Before we left he spent a lot of time in this mirrored tunnel. 

He played hard for a couple hours.  I was excited when we got home because he didn't fall asleep in the car so I was hoping for a stellar nap.  He slept for 18 minutes.  Definitely not stellar.  Then today he went down for his nap at noon and we had an appointment at Toyota at 2.  He was still sleeping at 1:15 so I called and moved our appointment back 45 minutes.  I had to wake him up at 2 after a 2 hour nap.  Little stinker.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jackson is 15 Months Old!

Jackson, at 15 months you:
  • weigh 22 pounds and 15 ounces and are in the 29th percentile.
  • are 31 inches tall and in the 47th percentile.
  • have a head circumference of 19 inches and are in the 79th percentile.
  • are getting really quick on your feet.  You only crawl every once in a while.
  • can say a few more words.  You say mama, dada, and can "moo" when we ask you what a cow says.  You can also do an elephant sound.  You raise your arm up too!  It's the cutest.
  • say "uh oh" all the time.  You like to throw things on the floor just so you can say it!
  • wave when people are walking towards the door.
  • have started getting up really early and mommy isn't happy.  Mornings shouldn't start at 4 or 5am buddy!
  • are taking really short naps.  You are waking up after only about a half hour nap.  It makes for some loooong days!
  • are putting your head down on Lily and Claire to give them hugs.  Mommy thinks you have seen them doing that so you are just copying.
  • are very attached to your lovey.  It used to just be a betime thing but now you cling on to it as we get you out of your crib.
  • pick up a book and bring to someone to read to you.  The best is when you also back up to sit in our lap!
  • have 3 of your molars in and one that is still coming through.  You have 12 teeth total now.

Catch Up

So the old Blogger required you to upload pictures in reverse order.  The new one apparently does not so after spending a lot of time choosing pictures, they are all added in backwards order.  Instead of spending another 20 minutes re-doing it, I'll just use captions with each picture to explain.

Basically, Sharon arrived on Wednesday and my parents came on Friday night.  On Saturday we went to Sonny Acres Farm which we have done for the last three years.  We love it!  Then Sunday was marathon day.  The pictures at the very end were from the week and weekend before this.  I took Addison and Jackson to the park and we went camping at Kankakee River State Park with our small group.  By the way-  Overnight sitters aren't cheap!

Enjoy a catch-up post in captions. 

Jeremy and Bryan with their medals.

I was so happy he was alive.  Seeing the runner who (later) died collapse in front of us just 200 meters shy of the finish line had me going completely insane.  I cry when a stranger stubs their toe so you can only imagine my reaction to this!

Jackson kept Nana busy by carrying these two bottles back and forth across the street.  The fun ended when he tried to trade in a water bottle for a used beer cup.

So close to the finish line!

Jackson and Mimi enjoying lunch at Jimmy John's.  Mimi looks really happy to be holding them even though he didn't smell to pretty at that moment.

They looked GREAT at mile 13!

Jackson had had enough.

So sad.

My beautiful friend Meredith is in the purple shirt and white hat.  She was focused!  She finished in 4 hours and 3 mintues.  She's a true rock star!

Nana and Jackson

Papa and Jackson-  This was the beginning of a veeeerrry long day.

He didn't care for the ponies.  Maybe next year?

This is my favorite part!  I am so excited to have these every year.

This is how Jackson greets animals.  I guess he's learned from Claire and Lily.

He wasn't scared at all!

Is Your Mama a Llama?  That's one of his books.

"Hello, sheep."

Big boy on a train

Wo-manning the grill.  Teriyaki chicken skewers.

Girl talk

Jackson and Addison

My sweet love!

On the way to the park.

Wow!  That was a lot of pictures.