Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Charley

Dear Charley,

We got to see you for the second time on Thursday, January 12, 2012.  Daddy worked from home so he could come to see you for the first time and to make sure that you were healthy.  You did lots of good poses for us too!  Mommy was a little nervous when I saw your feet so close together in this picture.  I was nervous that we wouldn't be able to tell if you were a boy or a girl.
The ultrasound technician kept telling us how perfect you looked and that all your measurements were right on track.  We were so happy to hear that you are healthy!  We got to see your profile too.  Daddy said that upper lip makes you look a bit like a Simpson's character. Don't listen to Daddy, sweet girl.  Sometimes boys just aren't sure how to make a girl feel pretty.  He loves you like crazy even if you do look like you could be the offspring of Homer and Marge.
 Your heart was chugging along at 145 beats per minute. 
 Charley, Mommy promises that this is the first and only picture I will post of your girly parts.  As soon as the tech moved the wand across my belly I could tell you were our daughter.  She asked us one more time if we wanted to find out your gender and Mommy said, "YES!  But I am almost sure that it's a girl from what I just saw!"  She agreed.  She said you were DEFINITELY a girl!  Daddy had a huge smile and Mommy couldn't stop giggling!
Mommy can't even explain how happy I am to add you to our family.  We have the perfect big brother waiting for you and you will get to be here for his second birthday!  We have so many dreams for you and Jackson and we just can't wait to get started!  I promise to be the best Mommy I can be to you and I hope that the relationships we all build will be strong.  You might have the best Daddy in the world.  He already loves you and likes to talk to you.  I know he's scared to have a daugther because he doesn't want to mess up.  He wants to be the best daddy for you.  Mommy and Daddy want you to know that no matter how pretty, smart, or funny the world thinks you are, we think you're perfect.  We want you to grow up with a kind heart full of love for others.  We love you baby girl!

 Mommy, Daddy, and Jackson

Monday, January 16, 2012


Jackson had a great time on our first sledding adventure.  We were just using tiny sleds that we had from when I was younger.  We found it difficult to carry him and the sled back up the hill so we got a different one where he could be pulled back up for next time.  As you can see in the video, he enjoyed the sledding but as soon as he stopped he was unhappy.  He really doesn't like being all bundled up and has a hard time standing up in the snow!  Hopefully he'll like it more each time we head out to sled this winter.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

18 Months

Jackson, at 18 months you:
  • weigh 25 pounds(39%), are 33.5 inches tall(70%) and have a head circumference of 19.5 inches(90%).
  • finished your second session of music.  You love every minute of music class and will be so excited when you start the next session.
  • are OBSESSED with Baby Signing Time DVDs.  You come downstairs in the morning and start signing "baby" and begging for it.   We have to tell you no a lot because you would watch it all day long if you could.
  • are really starting to talk more.  At this point you can say: up, down, cold, hot, out, mama, dada, mimi, nana, papa, bawbaw, bye bye, uh oh, all done, sit, no, more, water, baby, ball, oh no, hat, night night, pretty,cracker, cookie and hug.
  • are signing many words.  You can sign: more, please, thank you, hat, car, bus, milk, all done, again, cracker, cookie, wash hands, eat, water, shoes, socks, and coat.
  • are getting better at sitting still for books.  Your favorite book right now is Barnyard Dance and you clap and bounce when we start reading it.
  • play with Claire more.  You like to tell her to sit and then throw her ball.  You also get really upset when she won't give you the ball she is playing with.
  • are a VERY PICKY eater.  You would eat crackers all day long if we let you.  You used to be better about eating fruits but now you don't eat those very often either.  You always throw your food on the floor and then Claire eats it.

16 and 17 Weeks

The weeks are flying by!  I think having Jackson to keep up with helps make the time pass quickly.  It's fun when another week passes but I'm not going to lie.  I am really scared to take care of two babies.  I will be in survival mode for a while, no doubt!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve

We rang in the New Year the same way we always do.  At the Pancake Breakfast.  We don't eat breakfast of pancakes.  This year we had a fiesta theme and Dan and Charis hosted at their house.  Jackson loved playing with Steven and we all had a good time catching up too!  I can't believe how old JJ looks in this picture.
 The three pregnant ladies.  Due (from left to right) June 16, April 25, and March 18.
 The three men who have to deal with the pregnant ladies.
 Jackson and Steven went to bed around nine but they had to give hugs first. 

We did a wacky gift exchange and Dan openend a magic kit.  He loved it.  He is also sporting an awesome pink fleece that his Charis opened and I ended up with.  Or did I???  :) 
We counted down the seconds with our champaigne and sparkling cider ready!


Then at 12:20 January, 1st Lee turned 30!!!!
The next day we drove to Cincinnati to see Mimi for a while.  This giant poster was given to her after a presentation of the Magus Award that Dick won.  This poster was there in his honor.  JJ loved it and gave Grandpa hugs and kisses.  So sweet!

Then we tried and failed to get a picture of JJ and Mimi.  In every picture we took, at least one of them had their eyes closed.
This one is cute!  Jackson loves Daddy's hats.

Our trip home was less than pleasant with a snowstorm and a migraine but we made it safe and sound!