Monday, February 10, 2014

Around the House

There were several photos on my phone I wanted to make sure I documented before they got too far behind us.  With the nasty weather there isn't much fun, photo worthy excitement going on though. 

We are trying to get Charley to put her paci, dolly, and lovey in her bed when she's not in it.  We're failing miserably.  This girl is seriously attached to the paci and lovey.  When we're trying to get everyone out the door at 6:30am, the fight hasn't proven to be worth it.  The detachment process seems to be a job for the summer.
This was a pretty awesome fort we built on a snow day.  There was no new snow but the high that day was -12.  Brrrr.  Jackson loved this!
I love this picture of Charley's hair.  We have to put it up right now or it's always in her eyes.  I'm not really sure where her style is headed but I just can't bring myself to cut it.
Sleeping pictures are my favorite.  The crying for no apparent reason, launching toys at the cat, banging on the tv, and feeding her lunch to Claire all wash away and just leave this sweetness.
This is how I found Jackson's plate the other day after I told him he had to eat all the eggs off his plate before he could have something else.  Quite creative!
Friday night Bryan was still in Miami so JJ and I had a movie date.  He was so interested in Finding Nemo and asked about 328 questions.
Next week we are headed to Mimi's house to enjoy the long weekend!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Caroline Jane~19 Months

Last Monday and Tuesday I got two bonus days home with the kids because of the frigid temperatures.  I had these visions of creating the pink backdrop and getting some photos of Charley.  The last time I did this she was about 10 months old.  It turns out she has grown some and my space was a bit too small. Also, Charley had just gotten up from her nap and wasn't ready to let her paci go no matter how hard I tried!  The tears weren't worth it because then I really wasn't going to get a good picture.  I wanted her to hold her pink doll too but again, she had other plans.  Her lovie was just too good to put down.  All that aside, I think she's still a cutie. :)

Caroline Jane, at nineteen months you:
  • are starting to talk more and more.  You repeat so many things we say.  It's not always the clearest but its obvious you're trying to say it. 
  • are really loving shoes.  One day you were so upset because Mommy wouldn't put two pairs of shoes on you.  One pair was already on and you cried and cried as you tried to put the other pair on over the first pair.
  • love books.  You like to flip through the pages and point to the pictures. 
  • nod your head yes and no all the time.  It's one of your preferred ways to communicate.
  • have such long hair!  It's a bit wild because it's got some curl in it.  You either wear it in pigtails or in a small ponytail because your hair is always in your eyes.
  • are spending more time on your feet but you still aren't walking.  Your physical therapist is pleased with your progress though.  You are getting stronger and stronger and each week she is impressed with your new skills.
  • can stand up in the middle of a room all by yourself.  It is still so hard for you though and your little legs just shake and shake as you try to balance yourself.
  • give so many hugs.  You hug your toys, your friends at school, Mommy, Daddy, Jackson and even Claire! 
  • have learned how to wink (kind of) and it's the cutest thing.  You concentrate so much and squint your eyes.  It makes Mommy and Daddy laugh every time.
  • are completely obsessed with blueberries.  You are still a pretty good eater but you are getting pickier.  Blueberries are always a winner though.  You would eat a pint each day if we let you.
  • had a Cystic Fibrosis test done right at the end of the year to check your chronic cough.  Mommy was so happy it came back negative.  You still have that barking cough all the time so you take a breathing treatment each night.  You sit so still for the evening treatments but you don't care for the morning ones when they are needed.
  • love singing songs.  You have started doing the hand motions when you hear them.
We love you so much!