Monday, September 23, 2013

We Can't Catch A Break!

Charley slept all night Friday night and we had a fun family day planned to enjoy the nice weather.  Charley looked so cute in her A&M outfit and boots!  We just had to stop by the doctor to maybe get a new antibiotic for her ear infection and then we were headed to lunch and shopping!
When we got to the doctor they checked her oxygen levels and they were really low.  They did two breathing treatments but her levels stayed the same so they told us to go to the children's ER.  We were shocked!  She seemed no sicker than usual.
Once we got to the hospital and all the treatments started, she seemed much sicker and was really lethargic. I'm still not sure what changed.
They admitted us to the PICU so she could have breathing treatments every 2 hours and continual monitoring.
I was so upset at how our day had turned out!  I was a crying mess and I made Bryan stay the night with her.  She slept great there and was able to get her O2 levels up and keep them there.

We were discharged Sunday morning and have been doing breathing treatments every 4 hours. She has lots of medicines and is supposed to go see a pediatric pulmonologist about her cough.
Jackson was so, so good all weekend which was such a relief.  He really loved Ronald McDonald.  

I was home with her today and Bryan has to get her early from day care tomorrow  for a doctor appointment.  Hopefully she checks out fine and we can move on from this.  It's been 5 weeks since we started school and every week has had some ordeal we had to deal with.  I am ready for a normal week and I really need it to recharge!  I'm done with the sickies!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Picking

After the half marathon we took my parents to Kuipers Apple Orchard.  This was our third year there and I just love that it's a tradition for our family now.  We were all completely exhausted so the thought of walking around and picking apples was overwhelming but it worked out fine.  I didn't feel one bit guilty about eating THREE cider donuts.  Jackson clearly loved his too.
He also enjoyed the play area for kids.  There are tractors to climb on and he has really been into these photo options lately.
 We ate donuts first to make sure they still had some left and then we rode the tractor out to the orchard.  The kids loved the bumpy ride.
 This was the first year Jackson was really into picking his own apples.  He didn't pick the best options but the pie I made from them was still delicious.

Nana helped to steer him in the right direction.
Every time I picked an apple to put in the bag, Charley took it out, said "ball," an threw it on the ground.  She loved this apple once I got it started for her.
 We spent a little more time on the play equipment before we had to drag him away to go home.  He could have stayed there all day but we were all so, so ready for home.  And sitting on the couch.
 The best part of all was getting a picture to add to our collection.  I love seeing our family grow over the years.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Chicago Half Marathon

Things have been crazy around here as we all adjust to me going back to work.  I am home today with Charley because she's sick.  Last night was really rough and this morning hasn't been very smooth either.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on all of our photos during her happy moments today.  I'll try to post them throughout the week.

First,  the half marathon.

Bryan and I had been training well for this and then it stopped suddenly when I got a job and there wasn't time for training.  The longest run we did was 9 miles.  I actually only ran once (5 miles) between our 9 mile run and the race.  There was a month between them.  We decided we would just focus on having fun and enjoying the race day excitement.  Nana and Papa came to watch the kids and we were so thankful for that!  Papa got some great photos!

We had lots of snacks and electronics available to make the day easier for Nana and Papa.

Ready to run 13.1 miles!  As soon as we ran by Jackson freaked out.  Nana and Papa told him to watch the people because Mommy and Daddy were coming.  He was so sad when we waved and kept running.
 By mile 4 he understood the process a little more.  There was a great breeze along the lake shore.
 We didn't see Nana and Papa again until the finish line so they got to play with the kids until we finished.
 Someday he won't need diaper changes, right?

 There were a lot of funny signs.  This one was funny since Byan recently did the Tough Mudder race.
 They even got a mid-race rest.
 I felt okay until mile 9.  Then I just couldn't run anymore so we walked a lot for the rest of the race.  I feel like it was half running/ half walking for the last 4 miles but unfortunately, that might be a bit generous.  Once I knew I wasn't going to get my goal of 2 hours and 45 minutes (which I knew before the race started) and I knew I had plenty of time to beat last half's time, I decided it was fine to walk.  And it felt so good.  I was so happy to be done and looked a little worse for the wear by the end.

 Our final time was 2 hours and 53 minutes.

 Jackson loved the "badge" and the snacks at the end.

It was a long day and we were all exhausted.  I am so glad that it's over!  I was dreading it since we didn't get to prepare as much as we'd thought.  Thank you Nana and Papa for making the trip to help out!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reconnecting with Friends

We really enjoyed our Labor Day weekend!  It was great to meet up with some Cradle Talk moms and let the kids play.
Jackson mostly loved playing in the sand:
And of course Charley loved swinging.  She always does.  
Jackson and Marissa played together well and he learned how to make sand pancakes!
Things really got fun when daddy helped Jackson on the monkey bars.

We had a wonderful 3 day break and we are really looking forward to the next one.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Caroline Jane ~ Fourteen Months

I am a week and a half late with this but I am determined to keep up Charley's monthly updates until she's two, even if it means I'm up all night getting them done!   
Caroline Jane, at fourteen months you:
  • are CRAWLING!!  Real crawling with your hands and knees instead of just army crawling.  Most kids are walking or well on their way by now but you are taking your sweet time.  You still don't even try to walk when we hold your hands and try to pull you along.
  • are getting very loud.  You say a few things including mama, bye-bye, hi, and ball but mostly you are just LOUD.  You like the sound of your voice.
  • started going to day care!  Mommy got a teaching job so you spend the day with your teachers at La Petite.  You are doing really well there. 
  • are taking two naps a day.  Mommy doesn't know your patterns as much right now since your teachers are with you so much but they always let me know how your day goes.  You are napping about an hour, twice a day.
  • are still a great eater but you are getting pickier.  You still love fruits and vegetables.  Canned carrots and green beans are your favorites!
  • have SIXTEEN teeth.  I think all the teeth you will be getting for a while are in.  Thank goodness.  Those suckers hurt.
  • weigh 25 pounds!  Mommy the took you to the doctor when you had a cough and was shocked to see you weighed that much!
  • can wear the sweetest pigtails.  Mommy and Daddy have different preferences for where they are on your head.  Mommy likes them low and Daddy likes them high.  Sometimes we just leave your hair down too.  You like to pull out the rubber bands and bows so down is  easier!
  • have the sweetest curls in all the land.
  • LOVE animas, especially dogs.  You laugh every time you see a dog either in real life or in a book. 
  • are getting more and more curious.  Now that you are crawling, you like to explore everything!
  • are so, so loved!
We love you, Charley Jane!