Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Birthday to Smow Boots

It's a good time to capture what life is like for Charley at two and a half.  She has so much spunk and it's finally coming out in her speech! She is starting to string together 4-6 word sentences and loves telling Jackson what to do.  
The very best thing she says is "Smow!" It comes out when she wants to wear "Smow boots", if it's "smowing outside", or if she wants to "smuggle wif mama."  I love it!  She also loves singing happy birthday to things she likes.  We sing happy birthday about 20 times every day while making our way through a list of people, places, and things that she loves.
We just got back from an awesome trip to Ohio and were gearing up for another weekend in St. Louis when she got hit with a respiratory virus.  She's pretty sick on day 5 of this thing and we're just hoping that it starts getting better soon!
Last night was the roughest yet.  She just couldn't get comfortable at all.  We tried just about every sleeping position until it was morning.  The worst part about the sickies is that it keeps her from getting the rest she needs to kick this thing.
Jackson is so excited not to go to St. Louis.  He loves his "stay at home days." He would be happy to stay in the same clothes for three days and organize all his toys and put on theater performances for us!
Hopefully this weekend brings us all much health!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Life is Good!

My babies are getting so big and I feel time slipping away!  Both of them are closer to their next age now and it's freaking me out!  Three and five???  Whaaat??  We have all been relatively healthy and we are SO thankful!  Life has been good and there's not much more we could ask for.

This little mama loves her babies.  She carries them around, pushes them in strollers, and rocks them.  It's the sweetest and so interesting to see it come so naturally to her.  Ah, science!
Jackson loves all thinks school, play doh, and My Gym.  My friend Lisa owns My Gym and it has been fantastic for the kids.  We joined when Charley was not willing to participate in physical therapy.  She just cried the while time and the hour was pointless.  She loves My Gym and gets great practice there.  Jackson loves it too and enjoys the physical challenge.
It's getting easier and easier to take the kids around. Charley is not potty trained but I don't even carry a diaper bag.  It's so freeing to throw them in the car (and spend 5 minutes buckling car seats) and go!  They love going to Costco for pizza and ice cream.
This Winter has been really mild.  The temps have been manageable and there was very little snow.  Until last weekend when we got 19 inches in 24 hours.  Yikes!  We had planned on about 8 couples coming over for the Super Bowl but ended up with just one family making it and we invited our neighbors across the street.  It was still a great time and good to get to know our neighbors more.
Charley proves to be much happier in snow gear than Jackson.  She loves going out in the snow....with her babies of course.
Bryan is in Arizona this weekend so it's just me and the kids.  We've had a great couple days together and are chilling at home this morning after French toast and bacon.  

Life is good and hopefully I'll not let another month go by with no update!