Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last weekend was our friend's wedding in Pentwater, Michigan.  I was looking forward to a getaway though I knew it would be far from relaxing.  I was so nervous to have Charley and Jackson sleeping in the same hotel room.  That was the least of the troubles, we soon found out!

Our drive there was really good.  I had to sit between the two kids in back for a while and after being kicked in the face numerous times, I turned his car seat forward facing at the next rest stop.  I was hoping that change would help him be more calm in the car but it didn't.  It did save me from more blows to the face though! 

We arrived early evening and the weather was awesome.  We hit the beach for a while and then went to dinner.  JJ loved the sand but he wasn't too fond of the water.  The only picture we took on our nice phone were the first night at the beach because Jackson is a crazy man and there wasn't a free hand to take pictures the rest of the trip.  Juggling two is hard!

This nice guy offered to let Jackson "fly" his kite.

Charley's first time at the beach.

He didn't mind a little sand on his mouth.

Ready, Set.....


The best of many attempts at a family picture.
Pentwater was beautiful and trips like these make me look forward to the days when traveling with kids becomes a bit more rewarding and enjoyable for the kids.  I'm not sure when that age will be but I know for Jackson, it's not age 2!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Caroline Jane ~ 1 Month

Caroline, at one month you:
  • weigh 9lbs 10 ozs! That's the 58th percentile.
  • are 21.8 inches long.  That's the 76th percentile.
  • have a big head like your brother.  It's 38.7cm around which is the 96th percentile.
  • eat about 3 ounces every 3 hours. 
  • sleep in 3 hour stretches at night.
  • sleep in a Rock N Play next to Mommy and Daddy's bed.
  • love being swaddled.  You sleep best that way.
  • use a pacifier but have a hard time keeping it in your mouth.
  • wear a size 1 diaper mostly but we are trying to use up a few newborns.  They are a bit snug.
  • wear newborn size clothes but they are getting a little tight.
  • only like to be on your belly for tummy time for short amounts of time.
  • went on your first trip to Michigan.  You went to Pentwater for Leah and Eric's wedding.
We love you so much baby girl!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blogs I Love (And some funny stories)

I wanted to share some blogs that I love reading and put up some links on my sidebar to them.  Mostly just for me.  However, when I do that, Erin at Hoping For Our Own Peanut will probably notice a decrease in her blog hits.  Why?  Because I'm weird and I check for blog updates all the time and several of the blogs I love I found through hers.  So, I go to her site several times a day (It's a lot.  I know!) and then use her links in the sidebar.  I helped cheer her husband on during the Chicago Marathon last year because I happened to see him run past me as we were watching for Bryan to pass.  Then I saw Erin and introduced myself.  It was weird and I looked like a stalker.  I recognized her husband from her blog and knew that he would make making the announcement about the gender of her baby on his shirt. 

From Erin's blog I check a couple others.  Two of them are Molly's and Jessica's blogs.  Both girls are super funny and make motherhood look really easy.  Molly at Stilettos and Diapers always has fashion posts and good recipes.  Jessica at The Southern Belle and Her Boys has good recipes and is currently DIY remodeling most of their house! 

I also love Kelly at Kelly's Korner.  She is super sweet and her girls are precious.  They wear the cutest smocked dresses and have the biggest bows.  I love it.  She is such a great mom who follows her heart and is so humble. 

Sarah at Life Sweet Life is awesome!  Her kids are very close in age to Jackson and Charley.  She has great craft and party ideas.  Actually, I am so excited that her kids' birthdays are just before mine so I can use her brilliant party planning ideas.  Jackson's first birthday party invitations were just like hers.  Right after her son's first birthday I checked her site several times a day hoping for a new post so I could get some party ideas to use.  Then this year she had her daughter just before his birthday so I had to plan Jackson's party by myself.  Poor me. :)  I just love her site and all the pictures!

When I need organization or cleaning inspiration I go to Sunny Side Up.  She is Erin too and her kids are so cute.  Her house is beautiful and she posts great ideas to keep kids stuff orderly.  If she can keep her house clean with three kids, I should be able to do it with two!  She is building a new house now and I can't wait to see it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Mickey Mouse Party

We had Jackson's second birthday party on July 1st because my parents were still going to be in town and I knew I would need their help.  When I decided on that date, I thought for sure Charley would have been here for awhile.  What actually happened was I had a party for lots of toddlers just 9 days after giving birth.  Wow!  It all went well though.  I had most of the decorations done before May so I knew I would be ready to go!  I didn't get any pictures of all the little Mickey Mouse details because I was busy hosting.  These are the pictures we did get though.
JJ's birthday shirt.

Trampolines are so fun...and HOT!!!

Swimming friends.

Add caption

The treats table

All of his friends enjoying cupcakes.

Opening gifts while wearing a gift.
 We had a great time and I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when it was over!  Hopefully I can be better prepared for his third party.  The kids' birthdays are just three weeks apart so I will have to decide what I'm going to do about parties.  Combine them?  Will JJ care?  Who knows what we'll do. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jackson is TWO!!!

Well it's been two weeks since Jackson turned two but I think having a newborn at home is a reasonable excuse for tardiness. :)  So, here is his last monthly update.Jackson, at 24 months you:

  • are a BIG BROTHER!  You are such a good helper with Charley when you want to be.  You like to shake her bottles and you try to feed her.  Unfortunately, you also like to rock her carrier and bouncy seat really hard.
  • are repeating almost every word we say.  You can repeat the alphabet and numbers 1-10 but you don't say them independently yet.
  • have started using a time out pad and you go there about three times a day.  You watch the lights and wait for them to turn green so you can get up.  You are so scared of the alarm that buzzes when you get up.
  • smell like a little boy.  You have some really stinky feet and you get so sweaty when you play outside, especially if you play in the trampoline.
  • stopped going down slides at the park.  You just stand at the bottom of them and say "slide." 
  • love to go to the pool.  You really like to run around all over and then every once in a while you decide you want to get wet.  You hate the spray areas for kids though.  Once Mommy and Daddy can get you in the deep end you enjoy it but it takes a lot of convincing for you to go out there.
  • are throwing some major tantrums.  You have lots of ideas about what you want and are not happy when it doesn't go your way.
  • love building towers with your blocks and Legos.
  • read Hello, Truman several times a day.  We have to read it every night before bed and before naps.  We also read it several other times throughout the day.
  • have made the last two years amazing!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jackson and Charley

Apparently when you bring a new baby home there isn't a lot of time for blogging.  Ooops.  Hopefully we'll find our groove and things will settle down a bit.  My parents were here for three weeks and just left tonight so we will soon see what our new normal looks like.  I didn't even realize so much time had passed since I posted about Charley's arrival.  These are the last of our hospital pictures.  This is the day she was born and Jackson was much happier around her this day than he has been since!

Auntie Mere and Unlce Kyle brought Jackson to the hospital.  They were the lifesavers who rushed to the house when they got the labor call at 4am:)  Thanks guys!

Our first family picture.  And apparently your face swells after only 15 minutes of pushing too.

By Sunday we were so ready to get home!  I was really excited to put her in her monogram outfit and bow. :)

She wasn't pleased at first but she slept the whole way home.

Once we got home, Jackson was ready to play!
It has been an adjustment but one that is so fun!  I could just eat her up!