Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So Much Festive!

We have had a really great  December.  The kids have been relatively healthy which we don't take for granted at all!  There are so many traditions we are trying to cram into this short season and we have had so fun much doing them!

This year we started a new tradition of cutting down our own tree.  Everyone who has been to our house knows there is no shortage of trees (8 total!) but I really wanted a real tree!  It was a lot of fun. I have to admit, when it started snowing like crazy and the kids were shivering, I was a little nervous to set out on the tractor to the farm.  I wasn't sure how that process would go but it was great!  We picked a tree right away and were back in the cozy main building within the hour.  They had free hot chocolate and popcorn too.  So, so fun.
Daddy and Jackson shivering on the tractor.

Picking the perfect tree.

Charley was snuggled in with Momma.

Family photo
 I love the look of our real tree but I am seriously disappointed with the lack of scent.  Oh well.  That's what candles are for!

Yesterday we went to Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier after Charley's appointment with the ENT.  We got a good report from the ENT and were discharged from his care.  Bryan had to be in court so he went to the city early and then we met him there.  It was the perfect time to go and was so much less crowded.  We had an absolute blast there and we were happy to share the fun with Mimi!
JJ always loves this train ride.
Charley, Mimi, and the big tree!

Big Christmas chair time

Charley didn't care for this place.  She wasn't really sure what to do.

Charley loved her first carousel ride.

Jackson just wanted to ride the bench which came out sounding like a not as nice word.

The biggest of all rocking horses.

Cookie decorating

Jackson was in heaven.  He looks a little ill in this photo.  He ate a huge cookie and I'm surprised he wasn't really ill later.
 Charley looked so old with her hair in a pony tail.  Except for the fact that she can't walk. Or talk.

Mid-slide and mid-grin!

Waiting in line for the ferris wheel.

This might be the world's fastest ferris wheel.  I was kind of scared.  JJ was ecstatic.  He was shrieking with glee!
 We had such a great family day and we have promised ourselves that we will continue doing this during the week!
The kids were....done by this point.
 The season is getting merrier and merrier as we get closer to Christmas!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Caroline Jane~ Seventeen Months

Caroline Jane, at seventeen months you:
  • weigh about 25 pounds.
  • wear 24month and 2T clothes.
  • size 4 and 5 shoes.
  • have so much personality!  You are really funny and can be quite ornery sometimes too!
  • still aren't walking but you are making more progress.  You can pull up to a stand and cruise around furniture but you don't like to stand unassisted.  You are still very wobbly and it's so hard for you.
  • finally qualified for physical therapy!  You just barely qualified but Mommy is so happy that you did.  You will start physical and speech therapy soon.
  • are loving bath time right now.  You go through phases but you seem to enjoy it right now and you don't cry when we rinse your hair.
  • wore your first real ponytail.  It was the sweetest.
  • have started seeing a pulmonologist who said you probably have asthma.  You seem to always be sick.
  • take a lot of medicine every day.  You are used to it and even the breathing treatments don't seem to bother you.
  • are starting to talk more but it's not easy to understand.  Nana thinks you have more words than Mommy does.
  • love pushing you baby doll around in the pink stroller.  Even though you can't walk, you pull up on that and zip it around all over the place.
We love you so much, sweet girl!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are in the car driving home from Nana and Papa's house!  We decided it was a net positive experience which is wonderful!!  We always decide when it's over if it was mostly good or mostly bad. It's how we roll these days:). Nothing with kids is easy except passing germs.

Jackson and Nana were preparing stuffing muffins.  Later he wanted a "cupcake" but once it was on his plate, he decline.  He saw a vegetable in it.  GASP! He ate very little of the Thanksgiving meal.  Someday he'll see what he's missing.

Friday we went to Paradise Park.  It was our first trip and it went well!  JJ loved pretending to buy groceries, they played in the ball pit, and explored outside.

Miss Lindsay is Jackson's favorite person.  She was SO helpful with the kids.  We were shocked to see Jackson sitting still to "play" checkers.

Friday night my parents offered to watch the kids while we went to the Mayor's Christmas Tree lighting.  It was fun to spend time with Mike and Lindsay and we really enjoyed our dinner at Houston's and the pretty Plaza Lights.

Last night we hung out with family friends and watched the Mizzou game!  It was a great night!

Thanks for hosting us and our breathing treatments and tantrums, Nana and Papa!  

I have more photos to share but these are what I could post whole driving.  Happy Sunday!