Thursday, November 6, 2014


***This post was written in several stages across a week.  I wrote the part about Charley being sick the day before she was admitted to the hospital.  I'll share that story soon.***

This fall has been SO busy!  I guess they're all going to be that way though.  These are some photos from a couple different places we like to visit.  We did them a long time ago but I'm just now finding the time to update!

Charley is really sick so we're huddled in the bathroom letting the steam break up the gunk in her chest.  She can't go 10 minutes without coughing.  Poor baby.

Anyway, Charley loved running up and down the ramps to these ships.
Jackson was having such a good time playing peekaboo with daddy and pretending.

We love visiting the animals at Kellers. They are so loud and Charley was a little unsure.  She loved climbing the ladder though.
The kids were done by this point but we had to stop and get a family photo.
A couple weekends later we went to Sonny Acres. It was a little underwhelming this year as the weather was crummy and Jackson wasn't interested in riding the rides.  We stayed for a bit, took our annual photos and then went on our way.
This smile was short lived.  The petting zoo animals were quite aggressive and even scared me!

Fall is the favorite season of the Clark house. It's so fun to have these traditions!