Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Official

Bryan and I are so excited to finally share our secret! We were so happy to make it to the second trimester and were overjoyed to hear that heartbeat going really fast. We have actually been able to see it once and hear it once, thanks to my kidney stones! I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and saw the little flutter on the screen. At that time it was 163bpm. At my 10 week appointment that was really at about 11 weeks, we were able to hear it with a sonogram. The doctor wasn't able to get a good count of the bpm because I kept laughing. It was just so amazing to hear another heartbeat inside me!

The last few weeks of the first trimester were not comfortable. It was nice to have all the pregnancy related feelings to keep me confident that everything was going well but I think I spent about 6 weeks sick or asleep. Anyhow, I am feeling much better now.

I made some updates to the blog to include all of our new information and I will try to keep you up to date with everything!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walt Disney World

Visiting a place like this (Cinderella's Castle)

to celebrate the wedding of friends like these (Scott and Heather)

with lots of friends around (Nicole, Carrie, and Shawn)

and fun rides (on Splash Mountain) ,

makes for a great mini vacation!!!

Beautiful wedding sites (Grand Floridian's Wedding Pavilion)

and a new but great officiator (That's Bryan in the middle)

make for a special ceremony!!!!

Awesome Disney cake,

Mickey and Minnie on the dance floor (kisses from Carrie and me)

and at the cake cutting,

a DJ who had everyone up and dancing,

a beautiful, laid-back bride,

and a great group of girls (Carrie, Heather, Me, Jenna, Susan, and Nicole)

make for a FUN reception!!!!!!

Bright blue skies (although quite cold at Hollywood Studios),
wonderful company,

and the last ride of the trip

make it too hard to leave!!!

I'm sure we'll be back in a few years!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Wow! This has not been an easy post. It's supposed to be fun. You know, pictures of holiday decorations in the new house, but it has been anything but. I have started this post at least four times and each time I have to start all over. Not sure why I am having so many computer issues. So, "Better Late Than Never" is what I should have titled this post. But, I am also learning new ways to make this work. I am determined! Here are some pictures of the decorations in the house.

The first is just a picture of our table before our "Fakesgiving" dinner party. It was a fun night with food and friends. I was especially excited about decorating the table.

Don't tell Bryan, but the railings at our new house were a huge sell for me. He hates it that I was looking for houses based on good Christmas decorating. It is so fun to come home to all the lights INSIDE the house.

This is the tree in our kitchen. It's kinda hard to see in the picture but it has apples and pears on it as well as gingerbread cookies and cookie cutters. It's the perfect size for the corner of the kitchen.

The tree in the family room is a bit too small for this big room. It is really miniture looking in here so we are hoping to get a good deal on a WAY bigger tree after Christmas.
And last but not least is the Mizzou tree. This is in the front room of the house and you can see it from the street. It has all of our black and gold ornaments and it keeps Claire company while she's in her kennel.

We had a great trip to Kansas City for Thanksgiving and enjoying spending time with family. We were really busy but truly enjoyed our trip. It was quite different and I even asked my parents if I had come home to the right house. For one, my WHOLE family did the Parkville Turkey Trot early on Thanksgiving morning. Then, we had family pictures taken for the first time in my life (other than the wedding). The last part that really threw me for a loop was that the car was in the garage. That NEVER happens.