Tuesday, November 22, 2011

16 Months Old

Jackson turned 16 months old on November 9th!  Time is flying!

Jackson, at 16 months old you:
  • are running everywhere!  You run all over the house and you like to carry things with you.
  • love to play with Claire.  You throw the ball for her and she runs to get it.  You belly laugh like it's the best thing that's ever happened to you.
  • enjoy reading books.  You always bring books over to mommy and daddy to read to you or you just sit by yourself and flip through the pages.
  • are still a very picky eater.  You will always eat yogurt, waffles, cereal bars, bananas, and grilled cheese.  That's about all you will always eat.  We always offer you other food but you usually throw it over your high chair for Claire.
  • have really started using sign language.  You can sign for more, please, milk, cracker, all done, and thank you.
  • are using more and more words.  Some of the words are still hard to understand but we can tell that you are saying them.  You can say up, hot, hat, mama, dada, nana, baw baw, Claire (caw), all gone, more, uh oh, brrrr, ball, thank you, apple and night night.
  • make lots of animal sounds.  You can make the sounds for cat, elephant, tiger, bear, lion, and cow.
  • love to stack your toys.  You can some blocks that you stack up but you will stack anything you can find!
  • have just started cleaning up your toys.  You will put your toys in the baskets and then clap for yourself.
  • are giving kisses and it's the sweetest thing ever!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last week, or maybe two weeks ago, it was really nice out and I needed to get some leaves out of the backyard.  I kept picturing the excitement on JJ's face as he jumped in the pile of leaves I made for him!  Well, I made him this pile.
 He, however, was not interested.  He wanted to play with a old, dirty dog ball and a garden tool.

I tried to get him excited about the rake but it only lasted about 10 seconds.

In order to get some good fall pictures, I plopped him into the middle of the pile of leaves and he freaked!  And crawled out as fast as possible.

I mean, who would want to play in leaves when you can climb up a brick wall, while holding the trowell,  and possibly fall onto the brick patio???

 Ooops!  I definitely think he will learn best by trial and error and luckily he fell on the mulch instead of the brick.  Sorry Bryan.  I really do watch him...just through a camera lens.
Don't worry!  He was fine.  And he hasn't tried to climb it again.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Here is our Itsy Bitsy Spider!  We had fun on Saturday night at our church participating in Trunk or Treat.  It was a long day after a playdate for a few hours and then a few more c-o-l-d hours at church.  JJ was a good sport though.  Here is our trunk decorated with the spider theme.

Jackson would only wear his hat if he could run around. 

I decided it would be a good idea to make all the spiders. 

He wasn't a very good Trick-or-Treater.  He just kept throwing his basket on the ground.

Who knew his hat would fit me too?  I talked to a few people forgetting I had it on.  Oh well.

By the end of the night, he was completely zonked.  He didn't even wake up as I took him inside.

See?  He's sleeping on his changing table.

The next night we carved pumpkins.  Bryan was proud of his PAC-man pumpkin.

JJ's Mr. Pumpkin head.

On Halloween we had music class so we got to put the kiddos in their costumes.  Macy was a bunny.  She kept saying "Hop, Hop, Hop."

And Jackson spent as much time as possible sitting on Macy's mom's lap.  Maybe he knows she's going to have her baby soon!

Jackson and daddy waiting for trick-or-treaters.

Mommy and Jackson

Small group mommas:  Jackson, Me, Andrea, Jacob, Erin, Emma.
I'm so excited about Halloween next year.  Jackson will be over two and hopefully understand better.  He just didn't get it this year and doesn't get to enjoy the candy either.