Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter and More

We are truly enjoying the warmer weather!  Our neighborhood park is being renovated so we found another park that looked similar to try out the new climbing equipment.  Jackson was pretty pumped about it but he also stopped a lot to ask me to take his picture. We were happy to have Mimi with us for Easter and we did our usual tradition.  Our Good Friday service is always really moving so we went to that and then enjoyed the night with some friends while Mimi kept the kids.  Saturday morning we had a big egg hunt and I took ZERO pictures. Bryan was at a CrossFit competetion so I was trying to keep the egg hunt running smoothly while managing the three kids so photos didn't even cross my mind!  Easter morning we went to church and then had some friends over for dinner and a trip to the park.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  Baby Jo is the little guy we are fostering and he thoroughly enjoyed his first swing experience.  He fell fast asleep and enjoyed the breezes. The next day was a Monday so we all got ready for school and I went to drop off Jackson and realized he had the day off.  It was so beautiful so we decided to hit up the zoo! We said goodbye to Mimi on Thursday after a fun visit and another busy week.  The highlight of this weekend for the kids was our (me and the kids') first visit to Top Golf!  It's kind of like bowling and a driving range combined.  Charley enjoyed watching, Jackso had a great time after each good swing and a terrible time after each not-so-great swing, and I enjoyed the sweet family time.  Now we're all gearing up for the week ahead!  We ended our night with a shocker fromJackson when he asked to try on real pants instead of just sweat pants.  And then he took a shower by himself. Our first baby is growing up....just in time to start all over with some new babes. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

It's been a year!

A whole year went by with no updates on the blog.  Things are pretty crazy at the Clark house so I'll be starting the updates again. 

The Biggest news is that our family is growing!!  We are currently fostering a little guy that we've had since he was two weeks old.  He's three months old now and he's amazing!  It's looking like he'll be with us for quite a while.

Shortly after we started fostering him we found out that I am pregnant.  So our sweet boy is 14 weeks  old and I am 15 weeks pregnant.  It's crazy, for sure!!   

Other than that we are keeping ourselves plenty busy with Jackson and Charley and spending time together.

Last week was Spring Break for both kids so we took a day to go to the zoo.  We are so lucky to have a great babysitter who will tag along for the fun.  An extra set of hands is always great!!  This was at the dolphin show.

The Dairy Hut is a summer favorite and itjust opened for the season.  It took a long time to get out order but the wait was so worth it!

Charley just lost her second tooth last night.  This was a couple days ago and she was pretty miserable.  We were all trying to get that tooth out but just made it bleed and hurt.  You can see that tiny baby tooth in front and her big tooth way behind it.  Braces here we come!!!

This weekend we had a full house with six kids ages seven and under.  Whaaat???  We were watching some friends' kids and fully plan to reciprocate.  We had a blast though!!

The kids are finally getting trustworthy enough to be turned loose with eggs and cups with dye.  They could have dyed hundreds of eggs if I'd have let them.

The kids are getting just old enough that we can do so much more.  So of course another baby is on the way to start the process all over. 😁