Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Clark House At Christmas

When we were looking at houses, one of my first reactions to ours was that it would be great for Christmas decorations. Of course it's not the reason to buy a house, but it is definitely a bonus! Here is our house at Chrismas.
Our new 12' tree- Thank you Mom and Dad ClarkGarland on the stairs
The Kitchen Tree and the Christmas Countdown
The Mizzou tree is in the front entryway this year.
entryway decoration
The "what do I do with all the other ornaments?" tree after I used the red and green ones on the big family room tree
Dining room table
Upstairs hall decoration
Taking it all down is not nearly as fun as puting it all up!

Playing with Claire

Claire and Jackson have become good friends. Claire loves to be where Jackson is! There is usually a blanket on the floor that he plays on and when Jackson is napping, Claire lies on the blanket and waits for him. He gets lots of kisses when he returns!

I hope Jackson and Claire can be best friends!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

5 Months Old

Jackson turned 5 months old on December 9th! He wasn't too pleased about getting his picture taken. I couldn't get him to smile because he was way too intrigued by the camera. The pictures still capture those sweet leg rolls though!

I love this next one. He looks like such a little man!

Jackson, at 5 months old you are:
  • rolling from back to front and front to back!
  • laughing a lot. You liked to be lifted in the air above mommy or daddy's head.
  • are getting better at sleeping and taking naps. You have taken two, two-hour naps.
  • are making squeaking noises and trying to "talk."
  • are drooling a lot but there are still no teeth coming in.
  • putting everything in your mouth. When we hold a toy out for you, you grab it and put it in your mouth.
  • eating cereal like you may never eat again. You started eating just a little bit of very thin cereal but now it's thick and you eat a bunch.
  • love being in your exersaucer. Mimi and Grandpa bought it for you over Thanksgiving and you love talking to all the animals on it.
  • wake up cooing sometimes. When we get you from your crib you are usually smiling at the lion on your bumper!
  • are such a blessing to our life!

We love you little man.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Florida- And Promises of Better Blogging Habits

The weekend before Thanksgiving we headed to St. Petersburg, Florida so my mom and I could run the Women's Half Marathon. Jackson was great on the way there. This is his first time on an airplane.

The trip home was not as great. We sat on the tarmac for a while which of course means we are seated with our belts on. Jackson was in full meltdown mode. We did everything we could to get him to stop but nothing worked. Finally, the flight attendant saved us by taking him and walking up and down the aisles of the plane with him until we took off. Once the engines were roaring, he fell asleep and stayed that way for three hours!
We were there a day early and enjoyed touring the bayfront before we picked up my parents at the airport.
Sunday morning, we were ready with the sun to run! Our race started at 7 and we were done right after 10:00. He we are with more energy than we had after the race.
Lots of women getting ready to start!
There we are just starting mile one. Where's Waldo?
Mile 7-over halfway!
This is my last tenth of a mile. What a gross picture. Ugh.
Running towards the finish.
Bryan didn't take any pictures of my mom and I with our medals. They are all on my dad's camera :( After our run, we took showers, devoured some food and headed to Clearwater to hit the beach. We were also so lucky to be able to meet up with family! We saw Moris and Lori Cabezas and enjoyed conversation over dinner.
Here's our little guy's first trip to the beach.

Mommy and JacksonFeet in the water for the first time. It was freezing!

We had a great time in Florida! It was quite the shock to come back to frigid temperatures though.

I am going to be very mindful of the time that passes between posts. I want to be better and time really gets away from me. Thanks for checking back for more posts!