Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let Me Introduce To You....

the greatest guy alive!

He works harder than most people I know and never complains. He calls to tell me he is walking to the train and is eager to arrive home. He is efficient with his time and is able to truly enjoy his time off.

He is a source of never ending support. When I'm scared, happy, devastated, or nervous, he's there. And he knows just what to say. Or he knows when he shouldn't say anything.

He loves me no matter what. When I am sick and haven't showered for days he tells me I'm beautiful, and means it. He likes it better when I don't wear make-up because that is the real me that he is in love with. He doesn't care if I wear jeans and t-shirts every day and he doesn't ask too many questions when I come home from the store with lots of shopping bags.

He is calm, strong, honest, loyal, funny, and brilliant.

He lives with all girls and wouldn't have it any other way. He spoils his girls and would do anything for them. He is forgiving of mistakes and behaviors. He can still love the cat even if she pees all over his sports memorabilia. He still loves the dog who has been kicked out of day care...several times.

He is a sucker for traditions. If he does something more than once, it's a tradition. He goes through multiple sports jerzees until he finds the one that makes them win. He changes jerzees several times throughout the day if there is more than one team playing.

He is simply amazing and I am lucky to call him my husband.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Transportation aside, this has been a wonderful weekend! Friday after school, I met Bryan in the city for dinner at Wildfire. I had three filet medallions with different crusts on top. Bryan had one of my three though. Poor guy got the bad cholesterol genes and is limiting himself to one serving of red meat per week. So, he had mushroom stuffed salmon and roasted vegetables. Good boy!

Saturday morning Claire had a trip to the vet for a vaccination and a consult with the doctor to see if there was some medical reason she was eating poop at day camp. Diagnosis= "She's a dog."

We spent the afternoon looking at Christmas decorations in stores and buying a new laptop!

Saturday night we went to the Chicago Fire soccer playoff game. It might be the most exciting game of soccer I have ever seen. It was actually a little more like a hockey game with all of the fouls. Yikes!

Sunday was wonderfully peaceful. Church, lunch, student soccer game, and Tennis with Kyle and Mere allowed us to spend the whole day out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. We were soaking it up as we now know how brutally cold the next few months will be!

Eeewwwwww YUCK!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Love...

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel kinda...blah? That's me today and there is no reason I should. So, to combat my "blahness" I'm going to focus on what I love.

Here goes!

I love
  • having my husband at home with me even when we aren't doing anything exciting-Bryan was home all weekend and we just hung out with the animals.
  • getting out of the grocery store for under $70.00 dollars-Trader Joes is amazing. So what if all of our dinners this week are packaged or frozen!
  • trying a new restaurant and being pleased- We went to Tango, a tapas restaurant, and had a great meal!
  • relaxing with Claire- Even if she's been in her kennel all day she still just lies around with us at night.
  • having amazing grandparents- My grandma is one of my best friends, Baw Baw turned 80, and Grandma and Grandpa Clark continue to be wonderful examples of love and marraige.
  • having a fireplace- I have used it soooo much already.
  • the Duggars- I know it's weird, and they're weird, but also strangely normal.
  • my new kitchen- There are still empty cabinets!
  • Christmas- Bryan and I always talk about how it is near impossible to be in a bad bood when surrounded by Christmas decorations and music. Bring on the holidays!

Ahh, that helped.