Saturday, March 29, 2014

Take Me Away

We are off on our Spring Break trip!  The first part of the trip is a 500 mile drive to Kansas City.  We were a little scared of this trip because out last couple trips have been brutal.  Traffic.  Blizzards. Screaming, sick kids.  But this trip has been great!  Jackson is still a "threenager" and we can't get around that but at least he NAPPED!!  
Charley's been pretty happy too.  She's slept a little, read some animal books, and ate teddy Grahams while taking her socks off.
We will be in KC until Monday and then we leave the kids behind and head for MARCO ISLAND!  We are ecstatic and Nana is really excited to spend so time with the kids!  Can't wait!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Keeping On.

Whoa!!!  It's been 3 weeks without a post!  I'm just going to post several photos from my phone tonight and then later this week I'll get Charley's 21 month post up!!  Time is FLYING!!  We just finished parent/teacher conferences, Bryan has been working a ton, and Spring Break is next week.  We're busy people right now!  The kids are healthy (mostly), happy (mostly), and doing well!!

Charley is getting pretty good at brushing her teeth.  She takes it very seriously.
Jackson is getting better and better at being able to sit and focus.  He loves these Perler beads and will sit long enough to fill a whole shape board.  We have several of these ironed shapes floating around our house.
Last week is was warm(ish..50s?) and sunny so we played outside after school.  We were using our sand toys to build with the snow.  We have had lots of warm days and there's still lingering snow.  I'll be interested to see how everyone's lawns do because everything seems flattened from the weight of all the snow.
We went to our friend Josefin's third birthday party at Kids Town!
Charley knows how to party!
She also knows how to get around quickly which is why JJ plays in the dog kennel.  "She'll never get my toys in here!"
"Who, me?"  She's getting SO big.  But not really. All this walking is slimming her down.  She's lost a pound since her 18 month appointment!
We have one more week before Spring Break and then we're headed to Nana and Papa's!  I'm so anxious to leave the kids:/.  It'll be fantastic to have a real vacation!  We're headed to Marco Island with some friends while the kids stay with Nans and Papa!  So exciting!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Caroline Jane~Twenty Months

Caroline Jane, at twenty months you:
  • weigh about 25 pounds.  You've actually lost weight since you are moving everywhere now! 
  • have really started walking now!  You are still a little unsteady on your feet but you are making such fast progress now!
  • are sleeping and napping well.  You love your sleep and we love you so much for that.
  • are getting some pretty long hair.  When your hair is washed it gets really straight and goes so far down you back!  As it dries it starts to curl up.
  • are becoming pickier with your food.  You are noticing Jackson do this and you want to try it out as well.  You still eat much more than he does though.
  • have really started talking so much more!  You repeat people all day long.  "Sit down" seems to be one of your favorite phrases. 
  • love taking baths.  After dinner when Mommy asks if you are all done, you say "bats" while signing bath.  You would take one every day if you could.
  • love your brother and you want whatever he has.  This month has really been the start of the sibling struggles.  You are so dramatic when he takes something from you.
  • had a good visit with your pediatric pulmonologist.  He said you were a very well behaved, healthy patient and that we don't have to go back for six months.  You still take your Pulmicort every night but you are off all your other medicines now. 
Mommy and Daddy can't believe how close you are to TWO years old!!!