Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cradle Talk Friends

Every Wednesday we go to Cradle Talk. It's a group for new moms and it is awesome. There are a few moms that we meet up with every week for lunch and sometimes shopping trips. There are four babies and all are within a few weeks of each other. One baby wasn't here for the weekly picture this week so here are three of them.
This is Macy, Lucas, and Jackson. Tommy stayed home today.

We can't wait for next week!

Monday, September 27, 2010


We've been watching Ice Truckers,
hanging out on mommy's lap,
spending time with Daddy,
training for a half marathon
wearing Baby Legs,
looking at toys,
and just being CUTE!
It keeps us pretty busy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jackson is 2 Months Old

Jackson, I can't believe that you are two months old already. Time is flying by. At two months you are:
  • smiling when people smile at you or talk to you
  • making talking noises when you play in your bouncy seat or when someone talks to you
  • spending more time on your tummy and holding your head up well
  • holding all your body weight on your legs as you push against our laps
  • crying very little when you go to bed even when you aren't asleep when we put you in your crib
  • tracking people as they move throughout a room
  • watching EVERYTHING. You don't want to miss a thing in a room full of people.

We love you little man!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Our trip to Wisconsin was a great success. We were able to celebrate the life of Grandma Clark with family and we really enjoyed being together. Jackson was a great traveler! After our long drive we met Grandpa and Uncle Bob at the hotel. Grandpa was loving on Jackson the first second he saw him. We ended up going to dinner at a local place with Todd and Connie and Alvin and Kathy. They are Bryan's...cousins? They are Bryan's dad's counsins.
After the memorial service on Saturday, we hung out at Todd and Connie's. This is our four generation picture.
We also went on a walk to Uncle Elmer's farm to see his miniture horses. Jackson rode along in a stroller and was very alert.
He was teeny tiny in that big stroller. This is where the horses live on Uncle Elmer's farm.
There were three miniature horses.
Greta and Addie are pros at taking care of the horses. They put some hay in the trough for the horses.
There were several of these hanging around too. Yuck!
Walking back from the farm on the country roads.
By Sunday, Jackson was pooped. He slept through the lunch for family at the church.
Before we left, there were LOTS of pictures taken. These are two of Grandma's brothers and their wives, a wife of her older brother who has already passed, and Grandpa.
The trip was wonderful. Being reminded of so many things about Grandma really makes me want to be a better person! She was amazing!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hanging In There

Things have been tough around here. Jackson is proving to be a sleep challenged little guy. He likes to wake up every hour after his first stretch of sleep. It's really wearing me down. I have a hard time going back to sleep during those short stretches mostly because I worry about why he is up so much. There seem to be so many different ideas on how to fix it and I don't know what I think is best. I question every decision I make.
Bryan has been working a lot too and the days seem pretty long when he doesn't get home until 8:00. I am headed to Kansas City towards the end of the week so I am looking forward to having more people around but I am a little anxious about how he'll sleep. He gets to meet more family though!
I tried to upload a few pictures several times today but Blogger isn't letting me. I'll have to try again later. Hopefully I can sneak a moment to get them up soon.