Monday, October 21, 2013

Thighs, Funny Signs and Letters

It's been a crazy couple weeks.  Which I can only assume is our new normal since we're 9 or 10 weeks in to school and it hasn't let up any.  There are so many great moments sprinkled in that I want to remember.

Charley's naps have been all over the place. Kind of like her rolls.  I hope these rolls stay around a long time!
Last weekend I decided to try making homemade soft pretzels. (Not worth it!). Jackson "helped" and had a blast.
Tuesday was my birthday so Meredith and Kyle came over to watch the kids and Bryan and I went to the Melting Pot!  Sooo Goooood!
I just had to share this unfortunate sign that I passed on the way to work.  It's been 4 days and the sign still reads Colon Cafe! 💩
Charley was so hungry at lunch today.  We'll work in manners later.
I prepped dinner for tomorrow night and Charley helped by reorganizing the pots and pans.,
Jackson has been obsessed with writing lately.  We would have sworn he was going to be a leftie but he's been writing with his right hand a lot too. He's getting great at it!
He can even kind of write his name!  With an additional E and F, just for fun.
The kids have really adjusted to day care well.  We had two weeks with healthy kids and it was glorious.  Judging by the number of runny noses and coughs at drop-off pick up, I'd say another round of colds is juuuuust around the corner.  Cheers to more Tylenol, albuterol, and sleepless nights!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Caroline Jane~Fifteen Months

Caroline Jane, at fifteen months you:
  • are ALL over the place.  You're still just crawling everywhere but we can hardly keep up.  You go right for Claire's water bowl or the electrical outlets.
  • had your first overnight hospital stay since you were born.  You were basically just diagnose with asthma and allergies that combined to give you a hard time breathing.  After some breathing treatments you were released.  Now you take asthma and allergy medicine daily.
  • are loving school.  You are getting better at naps and even take some on your cot like a big girl.
  • love all the different foods you get at school.  You never turn down food though you are starting to get a bit pickier.
  • have totally changed your sleep habits.  You used to be a really consistent and reliable sleeper.  Now you sleep all the way through some nights and others you wake up several times.
  • are wearing 18 or 24 month clothes.  The 18's fit perfectly and the 24's give you room to grow.
  • still take a bottle every night.  Mommy has tried to wean you from it a couple times but with all the transitions you have been going through lately,  Mommy just gave up.  You won't always drink a bottle.
  • can walk behind your push toys now.  You aren't really great at it yet but it's a start. 
  • are signing more and more words but still aren't talking much.  You routinely say ball, bye bye, and mama.  You can sign milk, more, thank you, please, and all done.
  • are going to do things in your own time.  Momma keeps worrying about your development every step of the way but is trying to just enjoy each phase while you're in it.
We love you, Charley Jane!