Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mini Monkeys

This little monkey LOVED his gym class. He especially loved the lap songs at the beginning of each class. He gets so excited for singing and music. After our time on the parachute and singing the kids get to crawl all over and try out the tunnels, trampolines, slides, and teeter totters.
The trampoline was extremely fun....and he just stood on it. Imagine how much fun he would have if he knew he could jump on it!

I only had to bribe him a little bit to get him to come through the tunnel. Usually he just looks at me like I'm dumb and crawls to me around the outside of the tunnel.


After 35 minutes of class, he was pooped!

We are both really looking forward to the summer opportunites for playing! I am hoping he loves the pool as much as his momma does!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jackson is 10 Months Old!

Just so you know, when you turn 10 months old it is impossible to sit still for a picture. The rule for all ten-month-olds is that you must make it impossible for your mommy to get a picture of a smile, a face, and a number all at once.

Jackson, at 10 months old you are:

  • crawling EVERYWHERE! You like to hold a toy in each hand and take them wherever you go.

  • pulling up on everything. As soon as you get somewhere where standing up is an option, you do it. You are getting more comfortable holding on with one hand and playing with the other.

  • eating lots of table food. You really like hamburger and chicken pieces. Mommy even gives you some french fries and you LOVE them.

  • taking 4 bottles a day still. Sometimes we switch out a bottle for a sippy cup with formula and you do well with it. We will be all done with bottles in just a few weeks.

  • still hating naps. You don't like to sleep longer than 30 or 40 minutes at a time. Mommy has to force you to stay in your crib so you can get the rest you need.

  • a Music Garten and Mini Monkeys graduate. You loved music class and your favorite part of the gym was the lap songs at the beginning.

  • enthralled by the sound of your toys on the hardwood floors. You take your toys to the closest hard surface and drop you toys again and again just to hear the noise it makes.

  • learning how to give kisses. When you do give a kiss it's really just a head butt. Mommy is trying to teach you how to give eskimo kisses.

  • sprouting a lot of teeth. You have 8 teeth that have broken through the skin. Mommy is a little worried about one so we will take you to the dentist soon.

  • HATING diaper and clothing changes. You kick and scream and try to roll away. Mommy isn't sure what changed to make you hate them but it definitely makes things more difficult.

  • SIMPLY STUNNING! We love you!

9 Month Professional Pictures

This little man

stole my heart
the moment he was in my arms.

Every day

I continue to fall more in love

with this silly, silly boy.

Seeing him everydaybrings so much joy!

I still can't believe

that we made him.

This is what perfection looks like!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am so behind on blogging lately so hopefully I can get caught up this week! We had a wonderful, quiet Easter here. It was a beautiful day so Bryan got up and ran 6 miles. JJ and I had our usually morning but we also walked to the CVS close to our house. We went to church, had lunch and then came home for the day. Jackson looked so cute in his Easter gear!

He wasn't really sure what to do with his basket.
Don't tell him where his eggs are hidden. I don't want him to feel cheated on his first egg hunt.

Displaying some of the yummy treasures that were in the eggs. A cheese puff!

"Look Mom! I found another egg!"

So excited about the contents of this egg.

....and another.

Daddy and Jackson enjoying the nice day.

After a day of egg hunting and cheese puff eating, he was too exhausted to be excited about the blue grass.

It was a great first Easter for our family of three!