Tuesday, February 21, 2012

19 Months

Jackson, at 19 months you:
  • are becoming quite the mimic!  You watch what everyone is doing and try to copy them.  You started folding your hands when we pray at night and say "Amen" when we finish.
  • are talking a lot!  You are adding new words all the time.
  • are getting very difficult at restaurants.  You don't like to sit still so you usually start getting angry and throwing things.  It makes meal times pretty stressful.
  • are getting a little better about eating.  You still are fairly picky but you are starting to eat more fruits.
  • have started to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It's the only thing you like to watch besides your Baby Signing Time DVDs.
  • have learned how to use Mommy's iPhone!  You can unlock it and flip through the screens until you find your apps. 
  • especially love watching Elmo on the iPad.  Whenever Daddy has it out, you start shouting "Elmo, Elmo, Elmo!"
  • can call people by name when you see them.  You do this for Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Nana, Papa, and Claire.  You still mostly call Lily "Meow."
  • found out you were going to have a LITTLE SISTER!

Monday, February 6, 2012

18, 19, 20!!!

It's amazing how much faster a pregnancy passes when you are busy chasing a toddler! 

I feel like my belly just started rounding out this week.

Child Dedication

It was so fun having Mimi in town for Jackson's dedication at church.  We had to reschedule several times and the director of Kids' City let us know that they were going to be adding a dedicatio service in January.  They usually do them in May and September only.  It was really nice to have this special service because Jackson was the only child being dedicated so it felt special to him!  He was a really good boy and enjoyed the music before we went on stage.

 Before Mimi left we tried to get a picture.  JJ really didn't want to cooperate.  He is quite busy these days!

Kansas City Christmas

We really enjoyed our trip to Kansas City last weekend!  Nana and Papa were so excited to see Jackson since they hadn't seen him since Thanksgiving.  We flew in on Saturday morning and were busy all weekend!  JJ did great on the flight.  He ate lots of Fruit Loops!  Saturday night we opened gifts. 
"What?  All of these are for me?"
 This was the first gift he openend and he had a hard time focusing on the others for a little while.

 This kid is serious about sports!

Even Charley got some new gifts!

 Jackson found the piano on this trip.  He enjoyed playing with Papa and Uncle Mike.

We had blast and are looking forward to Nana and Papa visiting next weekend!