Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 28, 29, 30, and a 7 Month Comparison Shot

I am behind (what's new?) in posting these because I am now 32.5 weeks but I should be able to post the more recent ones fairly soon!  I had an ultrasound at 30 weeks and it was good to hear from the doctor that Charley is the right size.  I feel small compared to Jackson but you can tell from the bottom picture that I am just carrying them completely different.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a great trip to Ohio for Easter weekend.  Bryan made sure to get us to a sporting event too!  We went to a Reds game on Saturday night with Uncle Jeremy and Mimi.  JJ did pretty well considering it was after his bedtime and he had no seat. 

Before the game we went to the KidZone.  We tried to play on the swing set but Jackson can't really hold his own yet with all the big kids.  I was just sure he was going to get pushed off and fall 8 feet to concrete.  After the playground, Jackson "ran" the bases.  He ran straight for center field!  He had a blast!

 He made it 7.5 innings and then we had to go.  It was getting really late and he wouldn't fall asleep.  He kept putting his head on my shoulder and then I'd hear him sweetly say "hi" to the people in the row behind us.  He is certainly a charmer!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church!  It was a great Easter service and Jackson enjoyed his time in the nursery.  I enjoyed the free child care like I do every Sunday.
Over-exposed but still a good picture!
After church we went to the Bridgman's for lunch.  Mim used to be a Pampered Chef consultant and has never prepared food I didn't care for!  It was delicious, as always.  Thanks Mim!  After lunch, we went outside and "hid" eggs for Jackson.  Really, Bryan and Jeremy just threw the eggs around in the yard.  He did much better with the hunt than we thought he might.  He loved carrying his basket around.  It's nearly bigger than him!

 The small eggs were filled with jelly beans, crackers, and coins.  The big eggs had Hot Wheels cars in them.  Once JJ found the eggs with cars, they were definitely his focus.  He would take the car out and leave the egg!  Smart boy!

The day was gorgeous so the boys had to get some football in.  Bryan knows the only way I will allow Jackso nto play football is if he is a kicker so they were working on some tee skills.
We had a great weekend visiting and Jackson loved seeing "Uncuh" and Mimi!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

21 Months

Jackson is 21 months old! Just 3 more months until he's 2????
Jackson, at 21 months you:
  • are talking so much more.  You love to say bye bye to everything when you are done playing with it.  You even say bye to the van when we get out of it.
  • love your friend Macy.  You often say "Macy?" when we go anywhere because you are hoping she is there.
  • still love Baby Signing Time.  You know all the songs and are starting to sign the words as she says them in the song.  You love it and are getting so good!
  • are eating better!  You use your fork and spoon fairly well and only turn your plate upside down every once in a while.
  • try to jump but can't figure ou how to get both feet off the ground at the same time.
  • love opposites.  Your favorite is to say "Go!" while you are in the shopping cart and then say "Stop!" so mommy will stop the cart.  You laugh so hard!
  • are figuring out how to prolong bedtime.  You like to look at several books before you bring one to mommy because you know mommy just reads one before bed.  You are getting sneaky.
  • throw some pretty big tantrums.  If you don't get your way, you roll around on the floor screaming.  Usually mommy just walks away and you stop.
  • love to sqeal really loud in the front of the grocery cart or at restaurants.  You know you aren't supposed to do that so you laugh so much.
  • can say so many words now.  Some words we wouldn't understand if you didn't sign them as well.  You say every word as you sign it except "eat" and "pajamas."  You can sign/say:  Mom, Dad, dog, cat, sister, brother, nose, mouth, eyes, hair, elbow, toes, belly, belly button, shirt, coat, socks, shoes, hat, diaper, potty, thank you, more, please, up, down, drink, water, juice, milk, cup, cracker, cheese, peaches, pear, apple, banana, yogurt, applesauce, car, bus, boat, airplane, bike, horse, cow, fish, bear, bird, puzzle, bath, brush teeth, pajamas, sleep, cry, laugh, sad, happy, feel, hot, cold, up, down, stop, go, day, night, again, sun, cloud, grass, tree, leaf, outside, wind, star, sky, flower, color, book, ball, doll, baby, train, pizza, cookie, oval, circle, heart, balloon, bubbles, hurt, new, sit, run, kick, uh oh, help me, I don't know, and Mickey Mouse.
  • call Claire "Caw" and Lily "YeeYee."
  • say "down baby" instead of  "down please" when we ask you if you want to get down.  We can't figure out why you do this!
  • do the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey Mouse.  You love to have an audience for this!
  • We love you so much little man!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The other day I was trying to get some pictures of Jackson holding some letters I painted.  The plan was to use them in Charley's room over her crib.  I had to laugh at myself for gettting frustrated with him when our photo shoot wasn't going well.  Why did I think he would stand still, smile, hold a letter, and keep it visible and correctly oriented.  Ha!!!  FAIL!   I did end up using some of the pictures (none shown here) and it'll work for now. 

Here is Jackson doing everything except posing for the pictures I needed.  Silly boy.  He just loves his cars.