Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The First Day of School

We have made it through the first week and a couple more days of me going back to work.  I already feel a bit of a routine starting.  I'm exhausted but so thankful for all of the extra help Bryan gives.
Jackson talks about how much fun school is at the end of each day but still tells me he doesn't want to go in the mornings.  That's exactly how I feel each day too.  He's doing so well there and the last two days he actually slept at nap time.  Charley's doing great too.  She's just not napping much.

Today was the first day with students and it went really well.  I have 9 girls and 14 boys!!  They are a really sweet group of kids.  It was such a fun day and I felt so loved.  Bryan sent flowers, kids left notes, I got several "good luck" texts, and my friend Jen even left a Starbucks gift card on my car door.  It was all so sweet!
I'm so excited that this whole transition is going so smoothly!

Monday, August 12, 2013

So kind of a lot has happened.

Whew!  It's been a whole since I posted. I was going to sit down and post some pictures last week when I got an unexpected call.  I had interviewed at a school in May and didn't get the job.  On Tuesday of last week, I got a call to interview for a fourth grade teaching position at the school where I had already interviewed.  I really didn't think I would get the job.  But, knowing that I might, made me cherish the time I had with my kids.

Thursday evening we went and visited a daycare just to make sure we were covered.  This whole time I was still really panicky about going back to work on such short notice! 

I didn't hear anything on Friday which is when I thought I would hear so I assumed I didn't get the job.  I felt relief knowing I didn't have to make big changes this year and was going to really focus on my gratitude for the extra time with my kids.  

I was absolutely shocked this morning when I got a call and a job offer!!!  I cried a lot, talked to a lot of people, cried and prayed some more, and then decided.  


I'm trying not to let my current feelings scare me.  Right now, I'm terrified and I don't want to leave my kids!  I have to keep reminding myself that I still get to be their mom! 

So the next few days (and weeks and months) are going to be insane.  I start new teacher meetings on Thursday!  I have two days to get my classroom ready.  I usually spend 2 weeks! 

It might be a bit quiet around here for a bit as we all adjust but I'll do my best!  Please be praying for everyone.  Especially for Jackson and Charley as they get comfortable with a new school.
I'm gonna miss her sweet face every hour of every day!