Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Days

I've been home with the kids for three weeks.  It's so much better and harder than I was expecting. Because of their summer birthdays and our necessary switch to a new daycare I didn't want to start them until after their birthdays.  This will save us a room transition.  But holy moly, these kids need more than I can provide.  

Luckily we have swimming lessons, My Gym, swimming, and play dates break up the days but summer life is a weird mix of so much free time but no time to get stuff done.  I went back to work because I struggle with that feeling.  

Knowing that struggle I was a little hesitant about keeping the kids home this summer.  But, I think their ages make it more enjoyable now.  We can do stuff.  And they can talk to me.  The good times are pretty great!

The one thing I know after three weeks is that I'm done trying "activities that will keep your kid entertained for an hour."  These activities are all over the Internet and every one has taken me longer to prepared than it kept their attention.  

My strategy going forward? 

Here kids.  Meet your back yard.  Entertain yourselves.