Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 2015!

We had such a great holiday season this year!  Everyone was in good health.  No migraines.  No coughing. Just fun!
We spent Christmas in Kansas City and we were so excited to have Mimi join us. The kids loved all of the family time and of course the presents too.  We were able to see both sides of my family which is rare so it was a fun treat. 
We were at to stay almost a full week which left some play time too.  After several days in the house the kids were ready to burn some energy.  We found a great bounce place one day and we visited Legoland the next day.
Since we've been back we are adjusting to our 30 day trial period of a gluten free diet.  We are hoping it helps Charley's asthma and allergy symptoms.  The kids are enjoying being back in school.  

I had school two days but Wednesday and Thursday were cancelled due to the cold.  Hopefully we'll all be back tomorrow.  

We had grilled nuggets (the kids were not excited) sat Chick-Fil-a last night and I caught them being so sweet.  
They love each other so much!