Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturdays are the Best!!

We are all well and thankful for another beautiful weekend!  Apparently a kid had my phone and snapped a few photos of Lily.  She's doing well.  We think she's probably about 14 now and we've kinda let her do what she wants.  Apparently that's eating.  A lot.  She's always been one to binge eat so we have to portion her food.  She begs for more each morning and sprints to her bowl when she thinks we're heading that way. She likes to knock the bag of food off the shelf and make her own buffet.  She deserves it for living in our chaos.  She's got a bit more "fluff" now because of it, but don't we all!
Another dramatic and grumpy female in the house is Charley.  She is a sleeper, still!  She would sleep 15 hours a day if she could!  Mornings aren't her favorite so every morning we're greeted with a grumpy face and crazy hair.
And Jackson is still amazed by everything academic.  He loved taking his class Panda on an adventure and comes home every day with new facts he's learned about the phases of the moon, the fires that happen in the chaparrals ("his favorite biome" he told me the other day) of Africa, and the syllables in every word he can think of.  He's so fun and drives me crazy each day.
We are headed out to Baby Lucy's Winter Onederland party to celebrate a beautiful baby and her parents. 

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