Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nana and Papa

This post was written a month ago but I just realized it never published!

Nana and Papa are here for the long weekend and the kids have been thrilled! We just carried on with our normal weekend activities but it was fun to have them along for the ride. 

Nana and I were able to sneak away Saturday morning for an amazing pedicure.  I had a gift card for a spa from a student last year and it was enough to cover nearly two 45 minute pedicures.  It was perfect and fun to do with my momma!

Before we left for Charley's doctor appointment I put her hair up in this heart.  It lasted about an hour and then she started ripping it all out.
Her appointment was with her pulmonologist and he recommended blood work to check her immunoglobulins. Or something like that. Charley had no idea what we were doing but she had a blast with Jackson's blanket in the waiting room.  

Once it was our turn I held her while two nurses did the blood draw.  We were all expecting tears but she didn't make a peep.  She watched the whole thing! She's a trooper and so brave.
We had a lazy Sunday morning and Charley loved having some company for her breathing treatment. We should be able to switch her meds up in April when she's closer to four and kick these daily nebs to the curb!
"Stay at home days" are Jackson's favorite.  He is so happy to be home with all his little trinkets and spreading them throughout the house.  We made some Valentines Day cookies and he loved every minute of it.  Charley took a three hour nap so he even got to do it alone!
We took full advantage of our baby sitters and left for a fun dinner at The Melting Pot.  It's so nice not feeling rushed and knowing the kids are happy at home.  Thanks Nana and Papa.
The best part of the weekend is we still have another day!  It'll just be laundry and grocery store and work week prep but after a fun weekend, it's a perfect caboose!

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