Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We're Back!

It's the first day of Lent so all social media apps are off my phone until Easter.  That should leave me plenty of time to keep everyone updated and flooded with photos here.  How did we all get so attached to our phones. I just didn't like hoe much I reached for my phone out of habit for mindless Facebook scrolling. 
Especially when the kids are watching!of course they are soaking everything in as they watch us.  The good and the bad!
Things have been the same kind of busy and fun and chaotic around here. We're still waking Charley earlier than anyone would like for breathing treatments and we are thankful for Daniel Tiger who helps us get through them without much drama.  And this girl is ALL drama.
Jackson oscillates between so kind, mature and helpful and a stubborn, hateful devil-child.  And it can switch in a second.  This was a helpful moment.  He was so happy to be running around with Claire. Until she pulled to hard and he fell and then he ran after her screaming while Charley was faking tears in the swing because "I'm just not swinging at all.  Can't you see that, mom?"
We are keeping entertained indoors with lots of books, Legos, playdoh, markers, and tape. So. Much. Tape.  Jackson is obsessed with all kinds and our house is a museum of random papers taped to the wall. 

We are all very anxiously awaiting the arrival of SPRING!

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